Sunday, 13 July 2014

Lego Creator set 10243 Parisian Restaurant mini review.

   It took a while with the limited time I have to build, but I've finally finished the Parisian Restaurant!
   From the Creator line of modular buildings the set consists of 2469 pieces with 5 minifigures for 132.99 GBP / 149.99 Euros / 159.99 US$. 
   The figures comprise a chef, a waiter, a girl on a scooter and a couple about to get engaged. (Aww bless!)

Front view of the restaurant.
Starting at the bottom, the restaurant takes up the whole floor with dining tables inside and outside and a well stocked kitchen. The outside tables are enclosed by a chain-link fence over well-tended plants and some nice potted flowers. Above the tables is a trellis with more greenery growing and hung with lights for romantic evening meals. The main entrance has a canopy and a welcoming 'Chez Albert Restaurant' sign with a menu on a stand next to the door. The architecture outside on the ground floor is actually quite complicated with many little artistic designs and touches which add to the overall atmosphere that old city buildings seem to have. 

Front entrance.

At the rear of the restaurant, a grey rat can be seen sniffing
around the dumpster!
The kitchen is the best one I have ever seen for a Lego set. Crammed with food and cutlery, kitchen utensils and a turkey that is WAY too big to fit in the oven, cakes and a neat little was basin along with a refrigerator, a clock, cupboards and a back door that leads to the rubbish bin and dumpster. The dining room itself is very nicely designed, with a large well - stocked drinks cabinet by one wall and two tables with window seats and a table lamp each. The drapes are a nice touch, even if they are big chunky Lego pieces sideways-on instead of fabric! 

The well stocked, but cramped kitchen,
with oversized turkey!

The proposal ♥ (With lots of wine close by...)

Up the external steps to the next floor where there are two more open air dining tables and a door that opens into some basic accommodation that is always found in a big city - not a lot of space for a lot of money! Again it is really well designed, with many little features in a small space. A fireplace, a standing lamp, a comfy armchair in the living area and a fold-away bed (another first for Lego!) A small kitchen and dining area completes the living accommodation along with a door that leads to a teeny tiny balcony under the stairs leading to the next floor and overlooking the dumpster!!

The apartment with bed in the lowered position.
The little apartment kitchen and dining area.
The top floor is an artists' studio with an easel, a palette and a small storage area for finished works. There is also a fireplace with an oven door-type thing on it, I'm not sure if this is a kiln or a way to heat the room and not have it filled with smoke! 

Artists' studio, not a lot of window space for an
artistic mind!
There are many nice touches on this model, simple things like drain pipes down the back of the building, a rat sniffing around the dumpster and hanging baskets on the middle floor dining area. 
The shape of the building is perfect for the Parisian setting and all the little design details like the shape of the roof  and the chimney stack is probably the best I've seen in Lego!

A girl and her scooter. The scooter is a new piece for this
year but only this set has it in red!
Yes it is expensive, modular buildings always are, but you get a lot of pieces and one of the nicest structures I've seen for a Lego city outside of fan-built creations. There are no new, unique pieces for this set but there are several pieces that have are in new colors not seen elsewhere. Add to that the fact there are NO STICKERS and you have a great set, large and full of play potential, though not recommended for 15 year-olds or younger (!!) I highly recommend this set if you've got the money to spend, there's loads and loads of fun time to be had except when you have to tell a 9-year-old that it's NOT a toy, it's an expensive model that is not to be played with......