Monday, 16 June 2014

60046 Helicopter Surveillance mini review.

Review time again, and this time I've got hold of (yet another) police helicopter.
   60046 'Helicopter Surveillance'  consists of 528 pieces which includes 5 minifigures, a pick-up truck, a hideout and a big helicopter for 49.99 GBP / 74.99 US$ / 59.99 Euros. It's not a bad price for a medium / large set though there are no unique pieces on offer.
   There are 3 police minifigures and two bad guys. The police have a couple of useful tools for their fight against crime including a camera and a speed radar, while the robbers have a crowbar and a sack to carry their stolen goodies.
Cops: Speed radar, camera and pilot. 
Bad guys: Henchman and mastermind.
   The robbers' hideout is very small but nicely made, with a lot of use being made of the 'brick effect' bricks. It is a suitably run-down building with a large sliding door so the pick-up truck can be reversed in to be unloaded. Obviously crime does not pay in Legoland. In every set that includes a robbers' hideout, it is always a run down, boarded up building. No luxury condos for these guys with their ill-gotten gains!
The little hideaway with big sliding door.
   The pick-up truck is small and simple with just enough room on the back to put a crate full of stolen stuff. There's not a lot I can say about it, except it's nice to see it has car doors!

The bad guy's pick-up truck, with their stolen goodies!
   Obviously the main item in the set is the large helicopter. It is a bit of a monster and has the largest internal space of any helicopter, police or otherwise, that has been available in the last few years.  It's a chunky looking thing with a radar sticking out of it's nose, large air intakes on either side and a good sized sliding door near the back. Inside the door there is a rope for abseiling police officers to drop in on the bad guys. There is also has a ramp underneath the tail boom that can raise and lower when needed, giving two access points to the cavernous interior. The cockpit is nicely arranged and looks more helicopter-like than many from the past few years.  I only have two complaints about it, the first is my favorite moan - stickers. Lots of them. 15 on the helicopter, including one on each rotor blade tip. My second complaint is that it's really a bit too bulky, I have trouble holding it, so a kid's small hands wouldn't be able to play with it very easily. Aside from that it's a good set with lots of play options and I would just about give it a thumbs up on price too.
The big, chunky helicopter.
Sliding door access to the large interior space.
Cockpit arrangement.
Justice - Lego style!