Friday, 23 May 2014

60057 'Camper Van' and 60058 'SUV with Watercraft' micro reviews.

A double review this time, two of the small to mid-size city sets both about having fun on the water!

60057 is a neat looking camper van that comes with two figures, the van and a canoe. The camper itself has a couple of nice functions. One side of the vehicle opens out for access inside, while the roof lifts off for even easier access. Inside there is a bed, small table and chair and a video screen on the wall. On the roof there are two storage areas, the front of the roof lifts off to reveal the first which is big enough to fit a minifigure inside while the hinged rear storage compartment has a hinged top and can store the oars and life jackets. The canoe travels on top of the camper.
  RRP is 17.99 GBP / 19.99 US$ and 19.99 Euros. The set consists of 195 pieces.

60057 Camper Van with canoe
Inside the camper van. 

60058 is a pretty good looking SUV hauling a trailer with two jet skis. The SUV has room enough inside for both figures but no storage room for their life jackets which would have been a nice feature. There are no operating features on either the vehicle, trailer or jet skis, so playability is more limited than on the camper van. Having said that my son preferred playing with the jet skis to the canoe, must be something to do with speed! There is also a small fuel tank on the trailer with (I assume) a hand pump to fill the boats engines. My main moan with this set is it's a sticker-fest, with four each on the jet skis and three more on the vehicle and trailer. 
  The price is the same as the Camper Van but you do get 219 pieces with this one.

60058 SUV with two jet-ski's
Both sets are easy enough to build and look good, but my preference would be for the Camper Van, a few less pieces but more in the way of interest, and I'm getting older so I'd go for the more sedate pace of leisure! 

Saturday, 3 May 2014

31025 Creator 'Mountain Hut' Micro Review

The latest Creator set with a minifigure comes in the guise of a small mountain shack with a very small mountain alongside! As usual with Creator sets, twenty pieces are used when one would have done the job.    The set contains 550 pieces for 34.99 GBP / 39.99 Euros / 39.99 US$ making it quite good value for money. There are no unique parts in the set but several pieces are in a color unavailable anywhere else, for that alone it's worth investing in!

Overall view. the hut can be opened out for ease of access
to the furnished interior. 
   The hut is quite a neat design with a nice 2-tone roof, a simple but effective chimney stack (with white 'smoke' coming out of the top) and a couple of small architectural pieces to enhance the overall look.
Inside there is some furniture, a table, a small cupboard and a fireplace with a stack of logs ready to throw on it. On one wall there is a picture hanging up while above the fireplace there is the skeletal trophy of a bulls head!

Inside. Sparsely furnished and nowhere to sleep!
   The 'mountain' only just creeps higher than the hut but manages to have a cave, a small waterfall and a snowy peak! The waterfall looks a bit clumsy but uses a nice variety of transparent bricks to give the illusion of falling water. Inside the cave there is a gem hanging from the roof, obviously nature has been at work for a long time here!

The waterfall and the gem hidden in the cave.

   There are also the additions of a bird, (possibly a bald eagle??) a small footbridge over the stream, a 4x4 quad, a small fir tree and a camp fire. 
   There's enough here to keep a young person interested for quite a while and, as always, being a Creator set there's a good variety of pieces and instructions to make two other scenes. 
   Worth having!