Sunday, 13 April 2014

A 1978 Lego Town scene!

Firstly, sorry about the blurriness of some of the pictures, especially the red house. I just could not get the focus right, but I'm sure it was the camera at fault, not me! ☺

This is all the sets released in 1978 that I own, which accounts for about three quarters of all town sets released that year. Missing are four train sets and a few US-only and  European special releases that I didn't even know existed until I got the internet!

Christmas 1978. My parents got me a box full of Lego sets from a store catalogue. I didn't realise it at the time but a new type of minifigure had been introduced by Lego, these had faces, moving arms and legs and hands that could grip things. The main thing that attracted me as a child to these new sets was the road plates, set 300 'T Junction' plates and 301 'Curved' plates and 302 'Straight Road' plates. So, I moaned and hassled my parents until they promised I would get some for Christmas. I was expecting one or two sets, I got a box of nine or ten including the road plates and a bag of extra trees and road signs. Now, 36 years later, I still have all those original sets plus one or two others I couldn't get at the time that I managed to find on ebay or Bricklink. They are still my favourite!

After I had taken all the pictures and packed everything away I realised I had missed out a set, 600 'Police Patrol' a small police car with a police officer. D'oh!!

Overall view of the's a bit crowded!

376 'Town House with Garden' My first Lego building. 
It came with a furnished interior and was hinged so it could 
be opened and closed. One of my original Christmas '78 sets.

374 'Fire Station' including 672 'Fire Engine' on the far left
 and 602 'Fire Chief' by the 'No Entry' sign.
In the foreground there is the top halves of 673 'Rally Repair 
Crew' and 644 'Police Mobile Patrol'

377 'Shell Service Station' with 671 'Shell Fuel Pumper' in 
the foreground. The red car is part of the Service station set. 
This is a set I got from ebay, about 33 years after it was 
first released!

Road works scene with 625 'Tractor' on the left, 622 'Tipper 
Truck' in the center being loaded by 641 'Excavator'. 
You can see the rear of 670 'Mobile Crane' at the back. 
You can also make out the rear end of 623 'Medic's Car' 
heading off the picture on the left.

605 'Street Sweeper' is hard at work while being passed by 
603 'Motorcycle with Sidecar' followed by the police 
motorcycle from set 644. Set 620 'Fireman's Van' is heading
 in the opposite direction. The motorcycle and sidecar is not
one of my originals, I acquired it from ebay. This set, along 
with the little trucks were some of the hardest sets to find 
in the shops when they were originally available.

604 'Shell Service Car' arrives at 601 'Shell Gas Pump' to fill 
up while 642 'Tow Truck and Car' passes by.

674 'Forklift and Truck' on the left and 643 'Flatbed Truck' 
on the right are busily loading up. There is a better view of 
670 'Mobile Crane' in the center of the picture. The two truck 
sets were very hard to find in the shops, luckily both of 
these came in my original Christmas '78 selection!

640 'Fire Truck and Trailer' passes by 626 'Red Cross 
Helicopter' and 606 'Ambulance' There was a fire station in 
1978, the police got their headquarters in 1979 but the
 paramedics had to wait until 1980 before they got a medical 
centre and 1987 until the first hospital!! Obviously major 
illness and trauma were unheard of in Legoland!!


  1. WOW, Brian, you are a REAL collector of Lego sets, almost from the beginning! I recognise a lot of these sets/bricks. Almost 40 years ago I was working in a children's hospital and some of those kids got presents, mostly because they were very ill, or needed surgery and at that time they had to stay for a long time in hospital.
    So seeing these Lego sets is nostalgia for me ;)! Years ago there was a Lego trade fair here in the village every month, but I don't know if they still are hold nowadays.
    Have a nice week!
    Kind regards, Ilona

    1. Hi Ilona! It's always nice to bring back memories! It makes me wonder if in 40 years time people will regard todays sets with such fondness!
      A Lego trade fair! Now that I would love to see!!
      Kind regards, Brian.

  2. Thanks to you I am getting to know a lot more about Lego. My little offsprings have so many Lego sets and I never paid attention before to what you can make with them. I'm going to show them this post.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Hi Drora! I hope the young ones like what they see! Since my hands won't allow me to make miniatures, Lego is the nearest I can get!
      Kind regards, Brian.

  3. Hi Brian! There is so much happening it the overall view of the town -photo! I was happy to find something that lookd very familiar to me: the Shell Service Station! And also the Ambulance...
    We don't have those anymore: When I was at work and our children didn't find any ice cream from home, one day they decided to sell some of their Legos to the people passing by our house... to get the money for ice cream: creative children?
    Wonderful to see all those gorgeus vechiles in action!

    1. Hi Kikka! Your children sold their Lego for ice cream??!!!! And I wasn't passing by at the time!!!!! That was a missed opportunity for me!! ;-) I hope they really enjoyed their ice cream!
      Kind regards, Brian.

  4. Cool! I didn't realize your love of Lego went back 36 years! It's so neat that you have your original sets from back then. I'm really happy to know the depth of your interest in Lego, Brian! Thanks for sharing. xo Jennifer

    1. Hi Jennifer! I grew up with Lego and there are some sets I could never get rid of, basically everything from that first batch I got for Christmas in '78! I keep telling my wife I want them to be buried with me when I die!! ;-)
      Kind regards, Brian.

  5. your parents must be very happy to know you still have a present they made you when you were a little boy ;)
    so super to have this set from 1978 in a perfect state !
    seeing the answer you made to's going to be a big coffin !! ;)
    have a great Easter weekend, maybe the Easter bunny will bring you some lego ;)

    1. Hi Valma! I think my parents were despairing of me when I reached my 20's and still had them! They got used to them after that!
      Maybe I should have the coffin built out of Lego....good idea! ;-)
      Kind regards, Brian.

  6. Greetings Brian - I think this is perhaps the most magical post ever, that these were your own special sets from that Xmas and are still so very dear to you that they have inspired a lifetime of sharing this joy with others, this is so Awesome - Thank YoU for all the JoY you Bring :)

    1. Wow, thank you Tiggy! That means a lot, especially coming from someone as magical as you!
      Kind regards, Brian.

  7. Hi Eliana! I think they're cool too, but I've had them for three quarters of my life so I'm a bit biased!
    Kind regards, Brian.

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    1. Hi Skyline Spirit! Thanks for dropping by and your kind words!
      Kind regards, Brian.