Sunday, 30 March 2014

60022 Cargo Terminal mini review

I'm back! Finally! Computer fixed, wallet a bit lighter, me a bit happier!

It's been a while since I've posted a review so I thought I'd do the Cargo Terminal set 60022 that I was given for Christmas by my in-laws and only managed to build up about four weeks ago. It's quite a large set consisting of 657 parts which make up a cargo plane, a control tower, a forklift truck, a mobile conveyor belt and a small fuel truck, all populated by 5 minifigures along with 4 pallets of cargo. In the stores at 69.99 GBP / 89.99 Euros / 99.99 US$.

Box picture.
The fuel truck is a nice little thing, little being a good description. I don't think it would be able to hold enough fuel to keep a big jet in the air for very long! But it has a cute design and uses some less common pieces, though it is very stickered! The only operational part is the hose reel which is standard in many sets.

The forklift is of a suitably meaty design and it's nice to see bigger wheels at the front, as is normal for real forklifts. It has a hinged roll-cage for getting the driver in and out more easily and a tilting fork assembly with the forks themselves able to lower and raise with the help of a rubber band.

Next is the mobile conveyor, a quirky thing but it does it's job very well. The conveyor part can be raised and the belt is operated by turning a small knob to move the cargo upwards to the aircraft or downwards to the waiting forklift. It's a very sticker-heavy vehicle, having no less than 8 adorning all sides!

Forklift, fuel truck and mobile conveyor

The control tower is the usual Lego half-building, having no back to it for ease of play. The lower part of the tower is very simple and has nothing internally. The control area has only one control panel and a swivel seat, so obviously it's not a busy place! A couple of antenna on the roof, one of which can turn a full circle, complete the building. Very simple but instantly recognizable for what it is.

The small and cramped control tower!

The cargo consists of four pallets. Two of them have the parts to make up a little 4x4 off-road vehicle, while another has a (probably)  secret shipment of gold bars. The final pallet has six 'boxes' which include four of general freight and two boxes of Lego. Obviously the most valuable cargo is the Lego, followed by the gold...

The cargo including boxes of Lego!

The main item of the set is, of course, the plane itself. A lovely, large 4-jet engined beast in Lego's general color for freight - green and white. There are two hatches on the port (left) side, one in front and one behind the wing. The tail section is hinged and can be swung open to load wide cargo from the back. There is plenty of space for all four pallets but for some reason the section over the wings is blocked off  and is of no use to anybody!! The cockpit roof comes off to allow access the very nicely designed flight deck.
The only little design fault, apart from the unusable half of the plane, are the main undercarriage wheels, they're too close together giving the impression the plane could tip over at any moment. (It won't, it's actually very stable!)

Overview of the plane.
The cockpit with nicely detailed stickers and printed pieces.
The opening parts of the fuselage for cargo access.
Loading the very important cargo!
There's nothing complicated about the build and it's fun to do, apart from the many, many stickers which are always a pain (in my opinion!) It's expensive but there is a lot there and the play value is very good, my son played with it for days before I managed to wrench it off him, er I mean repossess it for the review....

Monday, 17 March 2014

Problems, problems....

Hello everybody!
I'm still here, unfortunately my computer isn't. I've had to have it sent away for repairs, which I am told might take a couple of weeks.
I've got the use of a little notebook computer thing, but it's pretty much useless for blogging with! It only accesses the internet every third Thursday during a month with a 'C' in it's name and won't upload pictures to my blog. It also only lets me leave comments during a total solar eclipse in Lichtenstein, so if I normally leave comments but haven't recently, I apologise. Normal service will be resumed fairly soon, hopefully!
Kind regards, Brian