Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Next little pile of sets for eBay.

I'm happy to say I've had a couple of small orders on my bricklink store. (Small being the operative word, a total of 30 pence!!) But hey, it's a start!

I've just listed on eBay some more of the smaller sets my son has decided he no longer wants. There's a link to my eBay page here! (You'll find the Lego somewhere among all the comic books!)

Alien Conquest set 7049 - Alien Striker - complete and in good condition.
City set 7566 - Farmer - complete and in good condition.
City set 7567 - Traveler - complete. Box ripped on the back and has been taped back together.
City set 5612 - Police Officer - complete and in good condition.

As usual I will post anywhere in the world. If you're thinking of bidding, good luck!

Monday, 20 January 2014

How I keep myself amused!

I've been busy recently sorting through masses of spare Lego pieces to see if I can build up older City sets that I don't own. I actually started this little exercise several years ago but I've recently had added impetus to 'get on with it' due to something I'll explain shortly. 
   Firstly, an explanation of what I'm doing. There are more than 800 City, or at least related to City, sets from 1958 to the present day that I don't have. (Compared to the 180+ sets I do own.) I have got detailed inventories for each and every set so I know exactly what I would need to build them. From the masses of spare pieces I own, I have managed to allocate some to the sets that need them so I have hundreds of partially made sets, all bagged and sorted into their respective years. This all might sound a bit nerdy, or even have a touch of OCD about it (who knows??) But it's my way of having fun! Will I manage to complete every set before I die of old age? Probably not, but I'm going to darned well try!

Each box lid contains two rows of bags, each row is
one years worth of partly complete sets.
   I have managed to get more parts from eBay and Bricklink. Bricklink is kind of like the Lego version of 'Etsy' with stores selling literally tens of millions of Lego pieces. I've been toying with the idea of opening a Bricklink store for a long time, and I finally took the plunge a couple of weeks ago and am now the proud owner of 'Hairy Cavemans stuff' You can visit it here! It's a bit spartan at the moment and I haven't got a lot of stock yet. I check every piece in my spares box and if I can't use it to help make up a set I put it in my store so I don't end up keeping hundreds of bits I can't use. 
   Does all that make sense? (My wife doesn't think so, I think she's despairing of me!!)
   So that's what all my spare time consists of at the moment. At least it keeps me off the street!

Saturday, 11 January 2014

60014 Coast Guard Patrol mini review

Why is it that sometimes everything in life conspires to stop you doing something you want to do???
   I've had the Coast Guard Patrol set ready to review for more than a week now, but every time I start on it, something happens to stop me again, like work, power cuts or having to eat something just to stay alive...
   Anyway, I'm trying again and this time I'm going to finish it!

   The set consists of 449 pieces which includes 6 minifigures, a Coast Guard boat, an inflatable boat, a small lighthouse, a helicopter, a little submersible and no less than three sharks. All this for about 60.00 GBP / 80.00 US$. 

   The main bulk of the set is taken up with the Coast Guard ship which is a nicely designed piece of kit. The bridge has an opening roof to access inside where there are two work stations, the first is the boats controls and steering and the second is involved with the launching and recovery of the submersible. The bridge is accessed by a ladder that leads from the deck below. The roof of the bridge is covered with an array of aerials and radars which suits it very well and doesn't look over the top (excuse the pun!)

  Just in front of the bridge windows there are two water jets to deal with any marine fires, and put the older Legoland Fire department boats out of business!

The cool looking rescue boat

Inside the bridge, facing towards the stern.
   The deck of the boat only really consists of two main areas. The bow has the small helicopter landing pad marked out and the stern houses the submersible and it's deployment / recovery system. 
   The little helicopter just has enough room to land without snagging itself on any other part of the boat, but it would be a very brave pilot who would land it while the boat is rocking about in stormy waters! It is a simple enough design with nice big 'floats' for landing on water and even has a manually worked winch just underneath the engines with a grappling hook on the end of the rope.
   The submersible is a cute little thing, with two engines that can tilt to almost any angle and two claw grabs at the front to grip onto anything that needs gripping onto! There is a bar with a grabber at the back of the Coast Guard boat that attaches on to the submersible and the bar can be raised from the deck, over the stern and down to water level where it can either launch or recover the submersible. It's a very simple but effective piece Lego engineering!

It's a bit precarious, but it just fits!

The submersible being deployed. 
  The small inflatable boat has a nice large engine that can swivel from side to side and is quite well equipped. The sun lounger at the front is, I think, a first for a Lego boat! 
   The unmanned lighthouse is a simple thing that comes with some suitably craggy rocks and a resident crab.
Doesn't this just ALWAYS happen??!!
   It's a bit expensive, but it's a nice set with some very nice features that, I can confirm, will keep a 9 year old happy for a long time!
   There, I've finally done the review, now as long as we don't get another power cut.....