Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Some seasonal sets!

I recently managed to get hold of four small seasonal sets, all hard to find and none that can be found in general stores unless you're really lucky! Three of the sets are in poly bags and one is boxed, but as they're all special the collector in me is urging me not to open them... 
  I'll describe them in chronological order, for no real reason other than I want to! 

Fall Scene set 40057.  72 pieces including 3 figures, which is
pretty good for a small set. The typically blocky,
hardly-any-branches type trees are used but that doesn't
detract too much from the set. Obviously everyone likes
clearing up leaves, they're all smiling!
Thanksgiving Feast set 40056. This is a smaller set containing
46 pieces but still has two figures and two cats! For your
money you get some wine, a turkey, a cake, a large sausage,
 a carrot and a loaf of bread. It was originally thought this
would only be available in North America but Lego let the rest
of the world enjoy it too!
Christmas Tree Stand set 40082. This 'Limited Edition' set has
115 pieces and is part 1 of this years Christmas special.
The second part is a old style pick up truck to deliver the
trees. Sadly it is not available yet. This should fit in well with
the Winter Village Market set which I now possess but haven't
had the time to build yet.
Decorating The Tree set 40058. Quite a big set for a bag,
containing 110 pieces. The usual style Christmas tree with
a small pile of gifts for the young girl to enjoy. I like the
step ladder, made from pieces usually used for fences!
Lego has produced more seasonal sets this year than ever before, there must be a market for these as small gifts, even though most of them are in the 6.99 GBP / 7.99 US$ price range (except for the boxed set, where you have to spend quite a lot with Lego to get it 'free'.)
  Hopefully there will be many more years of special sets, and who knows I might actually open them and build them in my old age!


  1. ho my ! how will you resist the temptation to open them ? :)
    I surely won't be able to resist !!! but I'm not a collector hehehe
    I love the last one :)

    1. Hi Valma. Luckily I have extremely strong willpower....I hope! Kind regards, Brian.

  2. O', wish I could find that Christmas Tree Stand set 40082 also...or Decorating The Tree set 40058! I really understand your love in these! I have to start looking after...
    Thanks for sharing,

    1. They are all hard to find sets, though I'm sure eBay has a good selection, sadly at a high price! Kind regards, Brian.

  3. Hello Brian,
    I swear one day I will crack after reading one of your posts and start buying lego sets again. these are so much fun and just the right touch to complete larger lego sets
    big hug,

    1. Thanks Giac! Who knows. I might send you a freebie some day to get you started! Kind regards, Brian.

  4. Hi Brian, The set with the two kitties has really caught my eye! How fun! xo Jennifer

    1. Hi Jennifer! I think the turkey caught their eye that's why they look so frisky! Kind regards, Brian.

  5. Brian how can you resist?? I want to mount them just by looking at the envelope!

    1. Hello Mely! Luckily I have other sets that desperately need building, so it takes my mind off them! ☺ Kind regards, Brian.

  6. Oh Wow - What a Great Post - I had No Idea there were so Many New Holiday Lego Sets! How can you resist building them? Thanks for putting up their item numbers - gonna look these up! Thank YoU! ~ LuV, TiGGy

    1. Hi Tiggy! Lego have realized people like these kind of sets and produce more and more each year! Ouch, my wallet!! Kind regards, Brian.

  7. OmG your post led us to the Lego store - and OMG! Lets just say our wallet is AloT Lighter now - waaaY too much temptation there - on a Positive side note however it also inspired us to Finally Finish Lego Fire Brigade 10232 - Only took two years! TiGGy is swooning in Gratitude to you for that, and all the incoming Goodies :)

    1. Hi Tiggy! I think I'm being a bad influence on you! I love building the big sets but usually have so little time to spend on them they seem to take forever, though I've never taken two years...☺ Kind regards, Brian.