Saturday, 26 October 2013

Late October eBay stuff. *Updated*

Listed on my eBay page now is Lego Chima set 70113, 'CHI Battle' . Brand new, unopened pack and selling for less than full price because I'm so nice (!!) If you're interested, the link to my eBay page is here!
As usual, I post anywhere in the world. 
  Tomorrow I will be listing more of my son's old sets that he no longer wants. 'Old' in this case means 2 - 4 years, nothing from the 1960's!
  Sadly the original polybag packaging for all of the sets have disappeared, they either got thrown away or my son has eaten them or whatever...Otherwise all the sets are complete with instructions and in great condition.
Top from left: Ninjago 30081: Skeleton Chopper / Ninjago 30080: Ninja Glider /
Ninjago 30086: Hidden Sword

Middle from left: Pharaoh's Quest 30091: Desert Rover / Pharaoh's Quest 30090: Desert Glider / Atlantis 30042: Mini Sub
Bottom from left: Toy Story 3 30072: Woody's Camp Out /
Harry Potter 40028: Mini Hogwarts Express / DC Super Heroes 30160: Batman Jetski
There are also two other sets not pictured; Pirates of the Caribbean 30130: Mini Black Pearl and Pirates of the Caribbean 30131: Jack Sparrow's Boat. 
  I will add an update to this post when they go live. If you feel the urge to bid on something, I'll give free postage to any of my blog followers, wherever in the world they might be!


* As promised, the sets are now live on eBay and can be found here! If you're thinking of bidding, good luck! *

Friday, 25 October 2013

Lego Creator set 31012 Family House mini review.

Between work and real life I've finally managed to finish the latest Creator house, set 31012. For your 59.99 GBP / 69.99 US$ you get 756 pieces which includes 2 minifigures and a light brick. The instructions come in a bag with a cardboard backer so they don't get scrunched, ripped or battered which is nice! There are no unique pieces here though some parts are in certain colors for the first time in this set. 

The house owners and their sporty little car.

General view of the front.
I like the fact the roof has been made from two different colored slope pieces, it adds a bit more interest to the model, as does the chimney stack. The light brick is operated by pressing the black-topped vent near the top of the roof, and internally the light brick is nicely hidden.

Back of the house when swung open on it's hinges.

The house has two floors (just about) and is hinged down the middle so you can swing the garage away from the living area which give access to both parts. The living area is a double height room with a large ceiling light which is nicely designed and is lit up by the light brick from above to give the impression that the ceiling light works. There is also a table, swivel armchair and a fireplace along with a staircase to the top floor. 

Fireplace with a blue, very square, armchair!

Sadly there is no kitchen which would have added play value, the space is taken up by the garage, which, to it's credit, has a very nice brick-built door that swings up for the little car to enter / exit. 

Nice garage door with car.

The top floor consists of probably the smallest bedroom Lego has ever made and a small balcony over the garage that hosts a barbecue along with a partially decked floor. The bedroom has a bed and a modern style free-standing spotlight which wouldn't look out of place in an interrogation scene! 
Outside there are a few 'plants' with a small pond and a tree with a bird on top. As usual with Creator, the trees and any animals are brick-built, using lots of pieces instead of one which helps add a bit of variety.
This is a nice set and there's lots of playability here, despite the lack of a kitchen. The light brick adds a little extra to the whole thing and makes the inside look nice and cosy!

There have been quite a few houses in the Creator line and they certainly help add a bit of 'normality' to an otherwise emergency-service overloaded City! Along with the modular buildings you can actually have something that resembles a little part of a city suburb which can't be bad! 

Sunday, 13 October 2013

60020 Cargo Truck micro review

After a 5-year hiatus Lego is back with a Cargo sub-theme for the City line, and like 5 years ago it is very aircraft oriented except for this set, 60020, a rather nice truck!
  For your 24.99 GBP / 39.99 US$ you get 321 pieces including three minifigures. It's nice to see Lego continuing to include female figures in their usually male dominated sets. There's no new torso or face prints but they are unique in these combinations.

The workers.
There are two pallets containing an engine and four gas bottles (I presume).The forklift has a nice shape to it and looks as functional as a real forklift should. The forks are operated by pushing down on a tab to lower and they automatically rise again thanks to a small rubber band attached to the top of the fork's mast. This means (contrary to forklift safety procedures) all loads are carried along at it's highest possible point. A minor grumble to go with the fact the front wheels should be bigger than the back ones....

Forklift with pallets.
The truck itself is a very nicely designed kit. One whole side of the container opens up to reveal two pallet spaces inside and I'm pleased that the cab has doors, something that is lacking in other models. My only concern is that it is a bit of a sticker - fest with no less than 11 adorning all sides of the body and cab. Other than that I am very pleased with this set. There is a lot of playability for a good price. Recommended!

The truck.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Lego Creator set 31010 Tree House mini review.

I've collected Lego Creator sets ever since they started making houses in minifigure scale so they blend in with City sets perfectly. The plus point with Creator is there are, generally, more pieces per set. The idea is to be able to make several different models out of one lot of parts, so whereas a dog in a City set is one single piece that is undeniably a dog, in Creator it is made of several which resemble the shape of a dog, or thereabouts.
  The tree house comprises of 356 pieces and includes one minifigure, a  little boy with a big smile on his face! At a cost of 24.99 GBP / 29.99 US$ it is very good value for money. There are no new pieces or colors but, as is usual, the minifigure is unique in this combination of hat, head, torso and legs.

   Being a Creator set the build is slightly more challenging than City sets and uses more complicated techniques to achieve the end result. There are lots of nice little features such as a fold away ladder to stop unwanted intruders, and a container of 'water' to pour on their heads if they do manage to get up the tree. There's a working winch to pull a bucket of water from the pond below, though in the best traditions of Lego, in City sets the bucket is a rubbish bin! At the base of the smaller tree there is a secret compartment that hides a treasure map and there's a pull along trolley to fill with goodies for the tree house.

The treasure map with the secret compartment open.

  The boy also comes equipped with a telescope, a radio and a nice big pizza, no wonder he's got a smile on his face!
  The house part is sparsely furnished with only a bed and a storage container. A table and chair would have added a bit more fun.

  Okay, the tree doesn't look much like any tree I've seen but the main part of the model is the house and it's deck and they are nicely designed. With all the extras this is a great set with lots of play value and the instructions show two alternative builds as in all Creator sets, so if you get bored of the tree house there's always another house or a little hut with a jetty to keep you amused.
  It's a thumbs up from me!