Sunday, 18 August 2013

60025 Grand Prix Truck micro review.

I've never really been a fan of Lego racing cars or the racing themes they come up with every few years, I much prefer the other stuff that usually comes with these sets, as in this case a nice big truck!
  The set consists of 315 pieces at a price of 24.99 GBP / 29.99 US$ making it a 'bargain' at the price - per  - piece count. Three minifigures, a racing car and it's truck transporter make up the set.
  The three minifigures have identical torsos and legs with only their faces to tell them apart! All pieces have been used before, though the body and legs are new for this year. Also new are the ear defenders sported by the pit crew, though these can now be found in many of this year's set releases. 
  The racing car is a nice little design, sleek and aerodynamic, it is one of the better representations of a racing car that Lego have done in minfig scale for a long time. There are one or two design touches that aren't very apparent in the picture, like skirts underneath the car, and the front wing is a bit more complicated than usual.

Too small for Formula 1 but a nice car anyway!
The truck is a much more interesting model. The cab is a nice straightforward build and has a nice touch with racing stripes going from the roof to the front bumper. The trailer is big enough to accommodate the car and a separate large storage area for the crews' tools and a spare tyre.  The storage space is accessed by double doors on either side of the trailer.

The nice, big green truck.
   The main part of the trailer is for the car that only just fits inside. The side of the trailer opens to allow access inside and the rear opens downwards to make a ramp for the car to get in and out, though it is a bit impossible for it with the angle of the ramp!

All nice and snug in the trailer.....
.....though how it managed to get there is a mystery!!
  Overall this is a good little set, well priced and with a lot of play value. A few too many stickers for my liking but at least the truck cab has proper doors on it! Worth it!

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A few recent purchases...

I had a bit of a spending spree a week or so ago an got a couple of hard to get sets and, finally, some newer road plates.  The road plates have been available since 2005 and are on their fourth incarnation, getting wider with nearly every new style to accommodate the ever-widening vehicles. The first plates came out in 1978 with the new minifigures, they were light gray and had nine studs width each side of the road for scenery etc. The next generation debuted in 1986 and were also colored light gray but only had eight studs each side of the road. Eleven years later in 1997 they changed again. This time the light grey road had green sides, though the width stayed the same. 2005 saw the latest, and widest plates. Apart from the road markings they are now all-over dark grey with only 6 studs each side. If Lego run true to form there should be another change in the next few years!
  I wanted to get these plates now because I will need them to help me do what I'm planning in the next few weeks. More on that nearer the time.
  The other two items are small poly bag sets. The first, 40054 is a summer scene. This is in the same mini-theme Lego introduced earlier this year which should include all the seasons of the year. This is only available in Lego stores or online. The previous set in the theme was 40052 - Springtime Scene and the next is 40057 - Fall Scene which I believe is already available from Lego.
  My final item is a special set that was only available to Lego 'VIP' members during July - Creator set 40078 - Hot Dog Stand. I have no idea why Lego decided to make this is a rare set. There is nothing special or unique with the parts. But as a die-hard City fan I had to have it!
  As usual with me, I probably won't open the poly bags, for some weird reason I like to keep them sealed up and unplayed with.

I did get one other set - 60025 - Grand Prix Truck, with which I will do a mini review in a few days, if I ever manage to get the time!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

60023 Lego City starter Set micro review

Bought a few weeks ago, I've only just got around to building this set, along with a couple of others. I'll be reviewing them over the next couple of weeks. The first one is a bit of a departure for Lego, it's the first time they have included all three emergency services in one set and called it a 'Starter Set'. There's nothing special here but you can never have enough fire fighters, police or medics in any city!
  272 pieces including a generous 5 minifigures for 19.99 GBP / 29.99 US$ and this gives a very good 'price per piece' figure

The figures consist of (obviously) a fire fighter, a motorcycle cop, an ambulance medic and two bonus figures of a crook and a kid. There's no new torso prints or new faces but the crook, cop and medic are fresh combinations of pieces used elsewhere. There are also a few accessories in the shape of money and jewels for the crook, a fire extinguisher, a bag for the medic and a skateboard for the kid to add a bit more play value.

 The police motorcycle is a slightly different version of the many police motorcycles released by Lego over the past 8 years, (I think there's 7 or 8). All use the same body and chassis but have different combinations of added extras, so it's really nothing special.
 The ambulance is quite a nice little design, although it's a bit short and stubby and the stretcher whacks the medic on the back of his shoulders when he's in the driver's seat! The only parts that move (apart from the wheels, obviously) are the back door for loading / unloading the stretcher, so play value is a bit limited.
  The best vehicle is the fire truck. Slightly longer than the ambulance but much more in the way of interesting things on it. The cab has car doors (Yay!), there are doors either side of the rear wheels giving plenty of storage space in the back of the truck and the ladder on top is removable, as well as the cab roof. 
I had My son had a lot of fun with this set and it's a good value way to expand the ranks of the emergency services, especially the ambulance as the number of medics in Legoland always seem to fall well behind the amount of police and fire personnel!