Sunday, 12 May 2013


I recently bought a small pile of Lego pieces off eBay that had been built into a house similar to an old 1976 Weetabix promotion. I was more interested in the pieces themselves rather than what had been built so I put in a low bid and was lucky enough to win. The pieces arrived a couple of days ago and after sorting through them I had a couple of surprises, one bad, one good. The first surprise was that they weren't all Lego pieces. I know there's a lot of Mega Blok fans out there, and that there are quite a few rip-off companies producing bricks that are compatible with Lego but to me these non-Lego pieces are poor quality substitutes that should be put in a huge pile, covered in petrol, ignited, melted into a big lump then dumped at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean so they can never be seen again!!

They may look like Lego but they're impostors!
Okay, I feel better for that. Out of the 100+ pieces of true Lego that were left there were some nice printed bricks that are fairly hard to find.

Some of the more interesting pieces.
There were two 'Police' bricks which will be useful for some pre-1980's sets, the S-21 brick was only ever used in one set as the tail boom for a police helicopter and are hard to find. The door is one of the first types Lego made from the mid 1950's up to 1977. The figure was a forerunner to the minifigures that adorn sets now. These early versions were made for sets released between 1975 and 1977. They had non-moving 'arms' and legs and no faces printed on their heads. I actually also had a pig-tailed hair piece with this lot but forgot to add it into the picture! The wheeled block was also a piece that was discontinued when the new sets of 1978 came out. This one has double tires which are a bit harder to find than the single version. 
I've managed to find homes for all the pieces I bought in various sets I'm slowly building up from scratch. It's taking a long time but the nice surprises help make it a bit more pleasant!


  1. Hi Hairy Caveman, Glad you got some nice surprises in that Lego lot. That really makes it fun, doesn't it? Like finding a treasure while out thrift store shopping, or opening a swap present from a friend. :-) xo Jennifer

  2. Hi Jennifer! It really does make it more fun! It's always nice to get something extra, especially when they're normally hard to find! Kind regards, Brian.

  3. Ciao Brian, questo è uno dei motivi perchè non amo molto fare acquisti su internet... però se hai trovato pezzi interessanti sono felice per te!

  4. Thanks Mely! You're right, not seeing what you are buying isn't a good thing!

  5. Oooh you did get some Wonderful Surprises in there - Anything Police is TiGGy's absolute FaVE, and we can't wait to see what all you created with the non petrol melted ones LOL!!! ~ What a Great visual that was LOLOLOL!!!!

  6. Thanks Tiggy. I really had to get that off my chest. I'm much better now...