Sunday, 19 May 2013

60017 Flatbed Truck micro review

My latest acquisition (well, it was a few weeks ago) was this rather nice breakdown truck and car.  212 pieces for 17.99 GBP / 19.99 US$.  For that you get two minifigures, two vehicles and some traffic lights.
The mechanic has been used before in exactly the same combination as he is here, the last set was 4434 'Dump Truck' from 2012. The woman however is unique in this combination, though all the pieces have been used separately in different sets.  

The finished set.

  The vehicles consist of a car and a breakdown truck and for once there is a brand new piece that has never been used before (as far as I can tell). The piece is part of the car's front and sits over the two headlights and is itself covered partly by two other pieces. It adds a bit of variance to the car's styling which is always welcome as there are only so many ways you can design a car of this size in Lego! It is small and solidly built but, to my annoyance, doesn't have doors.
  The truck is a nice build and can tip it's flatbed part to transport the broken down car. There is a winch that really works (as is usual for Lego, they have rarely ever had a winch that DIDN'T work!) and the cab has doors (Yay!) The front of the truck has a fairly uncommon part, and is only in orange for this set, so there's something unique in both vehicles. I have a couple of small problems with this truck, the first is just me being pedantic, but this is not one of the emergency services so it shouldn't have blue emergency lights! I thought yellow light were customary on these vehicles.... Anyway, the second moan is the flatbed has to tilt at an incredibly steep angle for the winch to pull the car on to it, there must be a huge amount of power in the  winch!

It's a little bit tricky...!

  Aside from my minor grumbles it is a nice set and well worth getting. Even though Lego have done about half a dozen similar vehicles over the years, there are enough differences with this set to make it worthwhile having.

Safely on board.


  1. Son muy graciosos, ademas llenos de detalles.
    MNe encanta.
    besitos ascension

  2. Looks like a fun set. Do you most enjoy putting them together, viewing them when finished, writing about them on your blog, searching for them, or...? Definitely looks fun. I think I'd most enjoy putting them together. xo Jennifer

  3. Hello Ascension! The sets have slowly been getting more detailed as the years go by. It's only recently that the cars and trucks have finally had wing mirrors! Kind regards, Brian.

  4. Hi Jennifer! I do enjoy putting them together but I have to say the most fun is had by my son playing with them! Kind regards, Brian.

  5. Ciao Brian, anche io amo i veicoli con le porte che si aprono! Per il discorso delle luci posso dirti che non è solo la lego a farle blu, parecchi modellini in metallo in scala presentano lo stesso difetto, probabilmente (non ne sono certa) nei paesi in cui vengono prodotti sono di questo colore.
    Però è un bel set, mi piace il camion e da donna, non ne avevo mai vista una con i capelli così.

  6. Hello Mely! You might be right about the lights. I didn't know about the other models, I will have to check it out! Kind regards, Brian.