Sunday, 5 May 2013

60016 Tanker Truck micro review.

Back to the City vehicles with this review of the Octan tanker truck set 60016.

The set has 191 parts for a fairly reasonable 17.99 GBP / 19.99 US$. 

The box.

The set comes with one minifigure which, as is usual for sets released these days, has no unique parts but is new in this combination.
A small petrol pump is also included. It's nothing special but it does add a bit more play value to the set.
The tanker is a good design, not as big as some earlier tankers, it looks nicely chunky and robust and is pretty good scale-wise with the figure. There isn't a huge amount you can do with the truck, the hose reel can  be unrolled from the drum to fill the pump up, there's a small container box with what looks like a fire extinguisher in it on the far side of the truck and the cab doors open (Yay! I like proper doors on a vehicle!) There is a ladder at the back to access the roof of the tanker body and the driver has the now obligatory cup in his cab. That's about it. 
Not a huge amount of play value compared to other sets of this size but it is a good looking truck and what city can do without a tanker to help keep things moving?

The completed set.


  1. Wow, its a Great Looking truck - I love it that the hose reel unwinds, and that there is a pump - and Opening Doors definitely up the play value. Love your reviews! I wonder if we even have this one in the USA?

  2. Thanks Tiggy. As far as I'm aware this set should be on general sale all across the US, and given the current exchange rate you'd actually get a better deal over there! Kind regards, Brian.

  3. Hi Brian, Looks like a fun project. The finished truck is fantastic. Thanks for the great review. xo Jennifer

  4. Thanks Jennifer! There isn't too much I can actually say about this set, the more things they can do the more I can say!

  5. Devo dire però che è molto bello, certo io del valore non capisco molto, ma a vederlo sembra un buon set, il camion è ben fatto.

  6. Hi Mely! My son would say these sets were priceless, he doesn't care how much they cost!

  7. Genial, este es perfecto para mi camionero jejejeje
    besitos ascension

  8. I'm sure he would enjoy it!! Kind regards, Brian.