Monday, 8 April 2013

60008 Museum Break In mini review

Welcome to the first ever Lego City Museum! Okay it's a small museum and, apparently, very easy to break in to. Thankfully Lego City's huge police force just got bigger with four more officers, oh and a couple of bad guys!

The box.
This is a medium sized 563 piece set that comes with 6 figures, 2 vehicles, a helicopter and of course the museum. With a retail price of 49.99 GBP / 69.99 US$ it is fairly good value for money for the amount of pieces you get. 
   Starting with the minifigures, there are no unique parts, though some are new for this year and appear in other sets. The four police officers comprise of a helicopter pilot, a police truck driver and two 'SWAT' type guys who I think look really cool! You get a few tools with them; a radio, a torch and, of course, handcuffs.
The two bad guys don't have any unique parts either though the smooth / slimy master criminal guys hair is a first for City sets, having only appeared in Super-Heroes and Star Wars themes. Their tools include a crow bar and a rope.
The good and bad guys. I really must learn not to chop
people half out of the frame!
Onto the vehicles. The bad guys van reminds me a bit of a scaled-down 'A-Team' truck, only in grey. The back opens up so they can stash their ill-gotten gains with plenty of room. The front of the truck has a part that, again, is not a unique one but is the first time seen in a City set. The police truck is a bit more of a challenging build. There is a cab that seats two people with access from the roof - no car doors, and a back that opens to throw in the robbers, though it's not a big space so I would imagine they would get uncomfortable in there! The bars on the outside of the truck are for the SWAT guys to hang onto for rapid deployment in a serious situation.
  The helicopter is pretty good shape for a small one and has a light brick to act as a spotlight. It works very well though it makes the front view look like a hamster with cheeks stuffed full of seeds!
The vehicles.
The museum building is really nice but, as I said earlier, is way too small. It has a very nice facade with pillars and two statuettes on top. Again these are not unique but it's the first time they have been used in the City line. The banners and clock add a finishing touch. Inside there are the treasures including a gold plate, sword, a painting, a rock crystal thing and a gem in a protective cover. The door has a laser security alarm that can be swung down for 'on' and lifted up for 'off'. There are two skylights on the roof that can be opened for ease of access for any criminals in the area!

The museum front.

The museum exhibits.
This is a nice set. It doesn't take too long to build and has hours of play value (my son is proving it as I'm composing this post!) It's a pity the museum is so small but there's enough there to keep the entertainment value high. Of course there's a fair few of the dreaded stickers but the end result looks good. Those are my only grumbles with this set. Well worth getting, until maybe Lego do a modular museum.....


  1. E' bello il museo, mi piace, e per essere di lego è davvero bello, mi piace molto la struttura. Io sono una collezionista di Smurf, ho da poco acquistato le costruzioni della Mega block, ma non sono così dettagliate come queste.

    1. My son has some of the Mega Blok Smurfs, they are really cute!

  2. Ahhh So Happy you did another review! Love the Helicopter description of it looking like stuffed hamster cheeks LOL! It does look like a nice kit, the A Team police van looks pretty cool, I do have to laugh about that tiny museum - its like they just wanted to make enough room for only one picture to steal - Kinda funny for childs play eh?!

    1. Thanks Tiggy! Lego seem to have a habit of getting proportions wrong on the smaller sets but hey, it IS supposed to be just for fun!

  3. Yep, its true, and they just are a heck of alot of fun - now we just have to add the machine guns to the fireboats for the presidential fly over playset LOL!

  4. Preciosas piezas.
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