Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Mid March eBay auction.

I discovered a long lost classic space set in my attic, luckily the box is still in great shape and the set is complete. 6801 - Moon Buggy was a set I bought when it first came out in 1981 but sold a few years later. The set I'm selling now was bought a few years ago as a nostalgic keepsake but since I'm only allowing myself to collect City sets this one had to go. You can see my eBay listing here.
   The set consists of 22 pieces and one minifigure. I believe these classic space figures are quite collectible so it might be worth a small investment! A couple of pieces have small marks (a bit like tooth marks but I don't think they are.) but in general it's a nice little set ready for someone to enjoy. As usual I will post anywhere in the world. If you feel like a bid, good luck!

6801 Moon Buggy - Classic Space stuff!

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