Tuesday, 5 March 2013

60007 High Speed Chase micro review

Another little review of my latest acquisition, 60007 High Speed Chase. I already liked this set due to the fact it had three vehicles and three minifigures. 283 pieces for 19.99 GBP / 29.99 US$ gives a very good price per piece so that's another reason for liking the set.
   The front of the box states that the set has an 'Exclusive Minifigure' and indeed it has, well, the face print and hair color are unique to this set so that's another plus point. There are two policeman and the bad guy  and apart from the exclusive bits all body parts are used in other sets from this year.
   The motorbike is the usual uncomplicated build with nothing special about it but it's always nice to have more motorcycles, each one slightly different to the next!
   The bad guy's getaway vehicle is a well designed sports car, with smooth flowing, aerodynamic lines and an almost Porsche-like front end that screams power! (Or maybe a Ferrari because it's red...) The addition of a spoiler at the back and twin exhausts by the number plate make this the best sports car Lego has made in minifigure scale, a real beauty worthy of being a set by itself.
   Hot of the bad guy's heels is the new Police 4x4 very reminiscent of a Hummer. A big, meaty vehicle, built to take every knock without blinking. Again it is very well designed and the ruggedness of it, especially with the bigger tyres and bull bars at the front, comes across nicely. The back opens up for storage of radio, handcuffs etc. As far as I can tell the windscreen is unique in this color, only being used on trains in the past. 
  There is a game code on the rear license plate of the police vehicle which is probably unique to every set and can be used on the Wii U City Undercover game and online at the Lego.com City page.
  You get three added extras with the set, a traffic cone, a police barrier and a 'stinger' to burst the baddies tyres. You also get a lot of the dreaded stickers!!
  I love this set, packed full of well designed vehicles for hours of play (as my son proved, again...) Sensibly priced, definitely one of the best sets from this year so far.

The box.
The police bike and accessories

The excellent sports car (probably stolen...)
The size of the police 4x4 is evident here!


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