Sunday, 31 March 2013

60005 Fire Boat mini review

My latest Lego City set for review is the Fire Boat number 60005. The set contains 222 pieces for 24.99 GBP / 29.99 US$ which makes it a fairly expensive set per piece. However you do get four minifigures, and the race boat figures have torsos that are unique to this set and green legs with red hips that have never been used before. 

   The racing dinghy has been used before but not in this color as far as I am aware. It has an impressive engine, but it can't be that good as it has burst into flames! Luckily the crew carry a fire extinguisher on board. There is nothing overly special about this boat but with the (almost obligatory) stickers it does look quite nice.

   The fire boat is a nice model. The hull is unique in this color and has the meatiest engines I've seen on a small Lego boat, again the stickers add a bit of style. It has a nicely laid out cockpit and a powerful water hose to help put out any nasty fires.

   There are limitations on how many ways you can design a boat, especially with a ready-made one piece hull but a good job has been made of the fire boat and it looks sufficiently different from the multitude of other Lego City fire boats throughout the years to keep people interested, which is probably why there is also a racing boat included.

   A bit expensive for what it is but a fairly good set overall. I'm not a huge fan of boats but having missed most of  the previous fire fighting boats I had to get this one!


  1. Very Cool site and reviews of the sets - TiGGy is a BiG Lego fan, and your blog wallpaper is Awesome too!

  2. Thank you very much! I've checked out your blog too, Tiggy looks like fun!!

    1. Thank YoU! TiGGy is pretty hooked on your blog too and looking forward to more of your terrific Lego reviews!

  3. Che bellI!! Preferisco però quello blu, mi ricorda quello che aveva mio papà quando ero piccola.
    Grazie per le belle parole che hai sempre per me,