Friday, 22 March 2013

31009 Small Cottage micro review.

I bought this set a few weeks ago but have only just got around to building it. It not one of the usual City sets but some of  these Creator models fit in perfectly with the city theme, so I have to have them!
   Set 31009 'Small Cottage' has 271 pieces including one minifigure for 19.99 GBP / 24.99 USD which makes it good value for money compared with most other sets, especially the licensed stuff. Being a Creator set there are instructions for two other models, another small house and a windmill (with tiny sails!)
   The minifigure has no new parts but is unique in this combination of colors and facial expression. The cottage comes in two parts, the lower part is hinged to allow access to the inside without taking off the roof. Inside there is a swivel chair and small table with a small shelf and lamp in the corner. There is a neat sliding door that leads into the garden. Outside there is a barbecue, a table and a garden pond. The upper part consists of the roof and some windows which look like they make a second floor, but sadly they don't. 
   A straightforward build with nothing tricky to deal with and no stickers!
   It's a small set but good value for money, and as it's a Creator set you get a few spare pieces to help build the alternative models which is always welcome. Nothing special but it's a nice addition to a city where Creator sets are the main source of housing! 

The box showing alternative models

Barbecue time! That's one big sausage!


  1. Che bello il tuo blog! Anche io adoro i lego,soprattutto i mattoncini classici con cui puoi creare veramente di tutto...con mio nipote è un cantiere continuo di camion, macchine e navi!
    ...Mi fa molto divertire la frase del tuo profilo...devi essere una persona molto divertente e spiritosa!

  2. Thank you very much! I noticed your use of Lego in your own blog! It's nice to know it can have different uses! Kind regards, Brian.

  3. Me encantan esas casitas, a pèsar de ser para niños mas grandes que mi niaeto seguro que las disfrutaria un monton.
    Yo le hice una casita de cuentos en miniatura y todavia no ha roto nada jejeje.
    besitos ascension