Sunday, 31 March 2013

60005 Fire Boat mini review

My latest Lego City set for review is the Fire Boat number 60005. The set contains 222 pieces for 24.99 GBP / 29.99 US$ which makes it a fairly expensive set per piece. However you do get four minifigures, and the race boat figures have torsos that are unique to this set and green legs with red hips that have never been used before. 

   The racing dinghy has been used before but not in this color as far as I am aware. It has an impressive engine, but it can't be that good as it has burst into flames! Luckily the crew carry a fire extinguisher on board. There is nothing overly special about this boat but with the (almost obligatory) stickers it does look quite nice.

   The fire boat is a nice model. The hull is unique in this color and has the meatiest engines I've seen on a small Lego boat, again the stickers add a bit of style. It has a nicely laid out cockpit and a powerful water hose to help put out any nasty fires.

   There are limitations on how many ways you can design a boat, especially with a ready-made one piece hull but a good job has been made of the fire boat and it looks sufficiently different from the multitude of other Lego City fire boats throughout the years to keep people interested, which is probably why there is also a racing boat included.

   A bit expensive for what it is but a fairly good set overall. I'm not a huge fan of boats but having missed most of  the previous fire fighting boats I had to get this one!

Friday, 22 March 2013

31009 Small Cottage micro review.

I bought this set a few weeks ago but have only just got around to building it. It not one of the usual City sets but some of  these Creator models fit in perfectly with the city theme, so I have to have them!
   Set 31009 'Small Cottage' has 271 pieces including one minifigure for 19.99 GBP / 24.99 USD which makes it good value for money compared with most other sets, especially the licensed stuff. Being a Creator set there are instructions for two other models, another small house and a windmill (with tiny sails!)
   The minifigure has no new parts but is unique in this combination of colors and facial expression. The cottage comes in two parts, the lower part is hinged to allow access to the inside without taking off the roof. Inside there is a swivel chair and small table with a small shelf and lamp in the corner. There is a neat sliding door that leads into the garden. Outside there is a barbecue, a table and a garden pond. The upper part consists of the roof and some windows which look like they make a second floor, but sadly they don't. 
   A straightforward build with nothing tricky to deal with and no stickers!
   It's a small set but good value for money, and as it's a Creator set you get a few spare pieces to help build the alternative models which is always welcome. Nothing special but it's a nice addition to a city where Creator sets are the main source of housing! 

The box showing alternative models

Barbecue time! That's one big sausage!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Mid March eBay auction.

I discovered a long lost classic space set in my attic, luckily the box is still in great shape and the set is complete. 6801 - Moon Buggy was a set I bought when it first came out in 1981 but sold a few years later. The set I'm selling now was bought a few years ago as a nostalgic keepsake but since I'm only allowing myself to collect City sets this one had to go. You can see my eBay listing here.
   The set consists of 22 pieces and one minifigure. I believe these classic space figures are quite collectible so it might be worth a small investment! A couple of pieces have small marks (a bit like tooth marks but I don't think they are.) but in general it's a nice little set ready for someone to enjoy. As usual I will post anywhere in the world. If you feel like a bid, good luck!

6801 Moon Buggy - Classic Space stuff!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

60007 High Speed Chase micro review

Another little review of my latest acquisition, 60007 High Speed Chase. I already liked this set due to the fact it had three vehicles and three minifigures. 283 pieces for 19.99 GBP / 29.99 US$ gives a very good price per piece so that's another reason for liking the set.
   The front of the box states that the set has an 'Exclusive Minifigure' and indeed it has, well, the face print and hair color are unique to this set so that's another plus point. There are two policeman and the bad guy  and apart from the exclusive bits all body parts are used in other sets from this year.
   The motorbike is the usual uncomplicated build with nothing special about it but it's always nice to have more motorcycles, each one slightly different to the next!
   The bad guy's getaway vehicle is a well designed sports car, with smooth flowing, aerodynamic lines and an almost Porsche-like front end that screams power! (Or maybe a Ferrari because it's red...) The addition of a spoiler at the back and twin exhausts by the number plate make this the best sports car Lego has made in minifigure scale, a real beauty worthy of being a set by itself.
   Hot of the bad guy's heels is the new Police 4x4 very reminiscent of a Hummer. A big, meaty vehicle, built to take every knock without blinking. Again it is very well designed and the ruggedness of it, especially with the bigger tyres and bull bars at the front, comes across nicely. The back opens up for storage of radio, handcuffs etc. As far as I can tell the windscreen is unique in this color, only being used on trains in the past. 
  There is a game code on the rear license plate of the police vehicle which is probably unique to every set and can be used on the Wii U City Undercover game and online at the City page.
  You get three added extras with the set, a traffic cone, a police barrier and a 'stinger' to burst the baddies tyres. You also get a lot of the dreaded stickers!!
  I love this set, packed full of well designed vehicles for hours of play (as my son proved, again...) Sensibly priced, definitely one of the best sets from this year so far.

The box.
The police bike and accessories

The excellent sports car (probably stolen...)
The size of the police 4x4 is evident here!