Friday, 22 February 2013

Should I? Shouldn't I?

I collect Lego City. Sometimes I get Creator sets because some of them fit nicely with City stuff. Sometimes I get special sets or series like the winter sets because they can, at a push, still fit in, even though the time period is a bit out. Now Lego have started adding minifigures to their other seasonal sets. Only the Spring set has been released so for but there is a Summer set not too far away, probably to be followed by an Autumn (or Fall) set. All fine and good, they fit in with the City theme so I want them. I ordered the Spring set from Lego and it turned up a couple of weeks ago. My problem is that it is packaged in a poly bag. At 88 pieces this is one of the biggest poly bags Lego have done. I don't like opening poly bagged sets because they rip so easily, even if you're careful. I've had poly bagged sets years ago that I opened and played with (I was much younger then.....) but the bag always ended up getting destroyed and I'm one of those collectors that likes to have all the original packaging. So my silly little dilemma is: Do I open it, build it and enjoy it as is it's purpose in life but risk mangling the bag or do I leave it closed and in pristine condition but never enjoy the contents? I suppose a third option is buy another one to build and keep one sealed, but I just can't justify the extra expense. Every poly bag set I've bought in the last 5 years remain sealed. Am I being silly or with one eye on the not-so-distant future when I'm old and falling apart, am I thinking of resale value?
    If I ever find the answer, I'll let you know!

40052 - Springtime Scene.

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  1. Que bonita escena de primavera, me encanta.
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