Monday, 4 February 2013

Lego City 60001 - Fire Chief Car micro review.

Another recent purchase was 60001 Fire Chief Car. Weighing in at 80 pieces the price per piece is much better than 60000 but is still quite high. 
  There are two minifigures, the Fire Chief (the latest of very many..!) and a woman who obviously isn't in distress that her cat is stuck up a tree. Neither figure is special part-wise, but both are unique in their combinations. This year the fire helmet is in gold for the first time, and there is a new car bonnet piece that adds an extra dimension to vehicle styling. 
  The 'tree' is probably the weediest looking thing I've seen! Consisting of 3 pieces, a base, a trunk and what passes for it's branches and leaves. It's a shame this looks like it does because time and effort have obviously been spent on the car and the tree was an afterthought, the very minimum needed for a cat to get stuck up! 
  The car is a nice model. Modern looking and functional, though I still wish Lego would use the car doors more often! Nice little details like the wing mirrors which are virtually universal for vehicles now and the styling details that were always pretty much overlooked a decade ago. Only four stickers with this set, for some reason there's no front registration plate...
  There's not a huge amount of playability with this set by itself, but the inclusion of a fire extinguisher could give some entertainment value if the fish does't coax the cat down!

Box front.

The set with the dodgy 'tree'. There is a radio and fire
extinguisher in the back of the car.

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  1. Muy bonito, quedaria muy bien en una escena en miniatura.
    besitos ascension