Monday, 18 February 2013

60006 Police ATV micro review.

Continuing my reviews of the latest City sets we have 60006 - Police ATV. This is the smallest Police set, coming in at 51 pieces for 4.99 GBP / US$6.99 which, as usual for the smallest sets, doesn't give very good value for money.
  The set comes with two minifigures, a policeman (obviously) and a bad guy. There's nothing unique about the component parts for these guys, they are all used elsewhere, though both heads, torso's and the police guy's legs are new prints/colors for this year.
  The bad guy has a wheelbarrow to carry his ill-gotten gains, as well as his crowbar.
  The ATV is a weird looking thing, kind of wide and stumpy and decidedly Cyclopsy at the front! There are clips at the back to carry his radio and handcuffs. The mudguards give a tiny bit of styling to the vehicle and are unique to this set in the dark 'Earth Blue' color.
  It's not a bad little set but it's nothing special. I'm not a fan of the weird little vehicles Lego sometimes come up with and this is no exception. I don't know how many police forces around the world have a little All-Terrain Vehicle like this but I bet it's not many! My only other complaint, more with Lego in general than this set, is the newer baseball cap doesn't fit on the figures head very well, it's way too easy to pull off, usually  when you don't want to! 

The box.
The set.

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