Sunday, 10 February 2013

60002 Fire Truck micro review.

The last set I bought a couple of weeks back was the fire engine set 60002. It contains 209 pieces and of the first three sets in the fire brigade range it is undoubtedly the best value for money.

  There are two minifigs in the set and both are featured in at least one other set out this year, so nothing too special there. The fire engine is very nicely designed and it's proportions are closer to the real thing than a lot of vehicles in Lego! It's a nice straightforward build and I like the new ladder which I believe features in at least three sets this year. With a great design it's always a pity that so much stuff is stored outside the vehicle. I know Lego has done this for decades now, but with all the internal space available a few less things cluttering up the outside would have been nice. My only other moan is the perennial one of stickers, there's a fair few with this set and I hate getting them wrong!
  There is also a little fire hydrant with the set and this can be connected to the fire engine via a hose. I don't remember Lego doing that before unless it was during my dark ages when I didn't take any notice!
  Lego are being very generous with the spares again, along with the usual tiny pieces I got a complete hose nozzle and string along with a 1x1 tap. 
  I really do like this set, there's plenty of little things to do with the fire engine, plenty of bits and pieces to make a story last a while and it's more worth the price you're paying in terms of pieces. A definite thumbs up from me!

The crew
Side view

My wife gave me a nice early Valentines day treat, she bought me sets 60006 and 60007. I'll build and micro-review them over the next week.


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