Saturday, 5 January 2013

Penultimate Series 1 Minifigure eBay auction

Yes I've finally got off my rear end after the holidays and am resuming the eBay auction listings. Three more Series 1 minifigures with only one batch of three after that until I'm out of minifigs!  Up for grabs are the Circus Clown, the Forestman and the Spaceman.  All are in excellent condition and are complete except for the packaging. The usual 7 day listing will start today (January 5th) and I will post anywhere in the world.
You can view the listings with these eBay links: Circus Clown , Forestman and Spaceman.

The Forestman.  He will be thoroughly de-dusted before shipping!

Circus Clown - reminds me of me in the 1970s........

Spaceman. To boldly go where no one cares!

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