Sunday, 20 January 2013

Latest Lego stuff for eBay!

The snow hit us with a vengeance this week so I'm stuck indoors and listing more stuff on eBay. The latest three Series 1 collectible minifigures are now live along with a couple of books I decided to sell.
The figures are the Cheerleader, the Robot and the Zombie. The Zombie seems to be making silly money online recently. As usual all my minifigures are complete and in great condition but without the original packaging or leaflet. The links to my eBay pages are here: Cheerleader , Robot and Zombie.

Grrr, argh!!!

Beep, beep, beep...

Gimme a 'B', gimme a 'U', gimme a 'Y', gimme an 'M', gimme an 'E'
What does that spell?

The books are the Official 2011 Lego Annual and the Brickmaster Castle book. Links to them are here: Annual and Castle.

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  1. Son fantasticos, espero que no pases mucho frioooo!!!
    besitos ascension