Saturday, 26 January 2013

60000 Fire Motorcycle micro-review

I have finally got around to buying some of the new 2013 Lego City sets, of which 60000 is the first. 40 pieces with one minifigure, it is an expensive set for what you get. Brickset worked out the price per piece at 12.47 GBP or 17.47 cents (US) which is more on par with the licensed lines than City.  Having said that, the spare piece count is the highest I've seen for such a small set - 7 pieces which is around 17% of the total set amount! (Unless I was just lucky of course.)

It is a simple straightforward build as you would expect for a set of this size, and it's nice to see a fire motorcycle instead of the ever-present police one. There are four stickers in this set, three on the motorcycle and one on the recycling bin. There are no new pieces in this set, just the motorcycle fairing in red is a first. The recycling bin has some useful green parts and one of those nice big flame pieces.  The minifigure has no new printing on the torso, legs or head so nothing special there. According to Bricklink the head is also used for sets 5887 'Dino Defense HQ' from 2012 and  4203 'Excavator Transporter' also from 2012.

Overall impressions are good. A nice little set, although a bit too expensive for my taste, with some nice pieces and a good addition to the huge and ever-growing Lego fire fighter population. They must have some seriously over-active arsonists in Legoland!

The box.

The set.
The spares!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Latest Lego stuff for eBay!

The snow hit us with a vengeance this week so I'm stuck indoors and listing more stuff on eBay. The latest three Series 1 collectible minifigures are now live along with a couple of books I decided to sell.
The figures are the Cheerleader, the Robot and the Zombie. The Zombie seems to be making silly money online recently. As usual all my minifigures are complete and in great condition but without the original packaging or leaflet. The links to my eBay pages are here: Cheerleader , Robot and Zombie.

Grrr, argh!!!

Beep, beep, beep...

Gimme a 'B', gimme a 'U', gimme a 'Y', gimme an 'M', gimme an 'E'
What does that spell?

The books are the Official 2011 Lego Annual and the Brickmaster Castle book. Links to them are here: Annual and Castle.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Too many pieces, not enough time....

I'm currently sorting through all my spare Lego pieces and matching them up to parts of sets I don't yet own. It's a long term on-going thing I'm doing to eventually have built every Lego City set ever produced. By City I also mean the Town theme along with the associated extras that go with an urban area, such as a railway, an airport, a sea port and, at a push, a racetrack. I've never been to bothered with the race cars but in my heyday of collecting I bought them anyway so I would like them again just for nostalgia's sake. 
   While sorting out the pieces into some sort of order I had to take a snapshot of my 'Plate 1x1 round' pieces (below). There are about 420 pieces there consisting of no less than 23 colors, although the picture makes it hard to distinguish white from clear and tan pieces and grays from silver. I have no idea how I came to have so many spare pieces, especially as some of the colors come from sets I don't own  and never have! 
   The average Bricklink price per piece is about 3 pence (UK), or 4 cents (US) so I have around 12.60 GBP (US$ 16.50ish). 

   I've managed to place most of them in inventories of sets I don't own. The rest, along with loads of other parts I don't have a need for, I'm seriously thinking of opening a Bricklink store to sell them on, or possibly a big pile of bits on eBay which seem to fetch good prices. If I decide either way I'll post links on my blog to them.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Penultimate Series 1 Minifigure eBay auction

Yes I've finally got off my rear end after the holidays and am resuming the eBay auction listings. Three more Series 1 minifigures with only one batch of three after that until I'm out of minifigs!  Up for grabs are the Circus Clown, the Forestman and the Spaceman.  All are in excellent condition and are complete except for the packaging. The usual 7 day listing will start today (January 5th) and I will post anywhere in the world.
You can view the listings with these eBay links: Circus Clown , Forestman and Spaceman.

The Forestman.  He will be thoroughly de-dusted before shipping!

Circus Clown - reminds me of me in the 1970s........

Spaceman. To boldly go where no one cares!