Monday, 17 December 2012

6522 and 6634 micro reviews!

Heck! Over a week since my last post! I blame the festive season. Not laziness at all. Noooo.
A couple of my recent acquisitions are spotlighted here, 6634 'Stock Car' from 1986 and 6522 'Highway Patrol' from 1987. I managed to get both sets complete with box and instructions and all in pretty good condition too. The only slightly annoying thing is both the instructions have been hole-punched.

Firstly the Stock Car. It consists of 47 pieces including one minifigure. Nothing special part or figure-wise, the shape of the car was pretty standard for the time, with a raised rear to give it that 'sporty-always-going-downhill' look. The figure's torso had a standard print applied to it that was used for several sets and the faces were still the standard smile that had existed since the first faces were printed in 1978. The Shell logos on the car and the number 16 were all stickers, luckily these have remained clean and mostly intact over the years.

The Highway Patrol set only consisted of about 30 pieces but contained two police minifigs, which was very welcome for a small set like this. Also included were two police motorcycles and a bit of a crude police phone box. One big plus for this set was all the pieces were printed, no stickers! Again there's nothing special about the set but it was a good way to build up your police personnel. 

As these were sets I once owned many years ago, I'm more than happy to get them back. The nostalgia value alone is worth the price!


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