Thursday, 27 December 2012

10229 Winter Village Cottage mini review

Whoever you are, wherever you are and whatever your beliefs, warm greetings from Hairy Caveman!!

I finally managed to get my hands on the Winter Village Cottage and it is now built and ready for a mini review!
Firstly I have to say this is an excellent set, lots of pieces (1490), lots of minifigures (8) and some interesting building techniques. At 90 GBP / US$100 it is pretty good value, especially compared to Lego's licensed products. That gives it a price of just over 6 pence / 6.7 cents per piece. Bearing in mind that the kitchen floor alone has around 70 1x1 tiles, this isn't quite as great as it might sound. Having said that you do get a new kitchen tap I haven't seen before, a light brick and a lot of nice light blue pieces. 

You get three children minifigures (you can't move their legs) and five adults. There are some nice torso and face prints with this lot, some of which I haven't seen before. The fact that every hat and hairpiece is different from each other and in a wide variety of colours is a nice little touch.

Oops! I missed the old guy on his armchair. I think he was
too busy reading his newspaper!
There are a lot of accessories to this set that adds a lot to the playability instead of just a building by itself.
Firstly there's a child's sled with a novel way of using shovels! A lovely little igloo (another first for Lego?) This has a removable top for internal access and a stove inside. The owl is more than just decoration here, it acts as a handle to lift the roof off! The last structure in the set is a well stocked tool shed with a neat pile of logs outside ready for the fire.
Top: Sled and Igloo (with owl!)
Bottom: Outside and inside of the tool shed.

The snowplow is a bit of an ungainly looking beast but suits the era of the winter sets well, though having a radio attached outside seems a bit odd! Some nice little building techniques to get the shape of the engine cover, cab and doors add to it's charm. I think the dark blue / tan colour scheme fits it perfectly. 

Now to the cottage itself. This has a few small challenges and I went wrong a couple of times. (maybe that was to do with a festive hangover...) The end result is excellent. I like the shape and interior of this set more than the other winter ones, it just ticks all the right boxes for me. Internally this is probably the best fitted-out house I've seen. Loads of little features cram the three rooms. The kitchen has plenty of cupboards (not many of them actually open but what the heck!) The living room fits in a tree, armchair and fire grate with a picture on the wall and christmas socks by the fire. The light brick illuminates different coloured transparent bricks and plates giving off a really nice warm glow. The kid's bedroom has a nice bed and is rammed with toys. 

Ah, there's the old timer, keeping warm by the fire. I don't blame him!
Great looking and fun to build, hopefully the winter sets keep to this standard in the future. Definitely worth having!

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