Friday, 7 December 2012

10222 Winter Village Post Office mini review.

Okay this was supposed to be for Christmas but I just couldn't wait that long...! Produced for Christmas 2011 I finally managed to buy this set from Lego online along with the new Winter Village Cottage that WILL be opened on Christmas Day. Luckily, due to the deal Lego had on at the time, I got free shipping and a Limited Edition Set 3300014 '2012 Christmas Set'. I really am in two minds whether to build the latter or leave it pristine in it's box....I'll make my mind up after a few drinks on Christmas day!

Right, down to the review!

Winter village sets are becoming a bit of a tradition with Lego and one thing they all have in common, (apart from lots of white pieces), is all the sets are minifig-rich. 10222 Post office is no exception boasting 7 figures and a dog for good measure. These include two post office workers, two musicians, two members of the general public and a boy. There are some new pieces here, or at least they're new to me. The green hood accessory is one I haven't seen before and I have to say it looks a bit odd against a different colored torso. The musicians are great and their instruments are an inspired use of standard pieces. 

 My favorite part of this set is the truck. Very well designed and  packed full of aesthetic features I think this has to be one of the best looking vintage vehicles Lego has ever produced. Everything from the running boards, the headlights, the split windscreen, the parcel rack on the roof and the registration plate on the fender, this just ticks all the right boxes.

The buildings consist of the Post Office and a bandstand. The bandstand, although a bit on the small side, is a lovely piece of architecture with three seats, an ornate roof and nice decorations. 
The Post Office, again rather small, has pretty much everything you need. Two post boxes, a clock, a nice gas lamp and even several icicles hanging by the windows add interest and a touch of atmosphere to the scene. Internally it is pretty well stocked with a fireplace, counter and parcel storage areas downstairs and a small table upstairs. The biggest part of the building's top layer is taken up with a movable light brick which can be swung up or down creating different light effects through the window panes at the front of the building. 
I love this set, it is full of features, some new parts and masses of playability. Combined with the other winter sets there is hours of fun to be had whether you're nine or ninety. My only niggle with this is that the roof of this set seems to have been able to shrug off most of it's snow whereas the Winter Cottage from 2012 is mightily thick with it. A little more consistency would have been appreciated. 
On the whole I can't fail to recommend this. A great set, full of people, nice features and an excellent truck all for 49.99 GBP or $69.99 at full price. Well worth it and a worthy continuance of an excellent sub-series of Lego City.  

Top: Front view of  Post Office.
Bottom Left: Inside detail. Bottom Right: Let there be light!

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