Saturday, 10 November 2012

Harry Potter set 4866 'The Knight Bus' for eBay.

Next to go up for auction, like the title of the post says, is Harry Potter 'The Knight Bus' set 4866. This is the second Knight Bus produced by Lego, the first being 4755 from 2004.  This one is better looking generally and has one extra minifig and the shrunken head is a 1x1 round brick instead of a picture on the windscreen!

4866 'The Knight Bus' from 2011

The minifigures are: Harry, Stan Shunpike (both of who were in the first set) and the new figure of Ernie Prang, the bus driver looking suitably wrinkly and old.

Ernie Prang, Stan Shunpike, Harry Potter, Hedwig (probably)
and the Shrunken head.

The bus itself comes in three sections, one for each deck. The bottom deck has the driver's seat (obviously)  and room for a small bed. the middle deck has one (!!) seat and a space for Harry's luggage. The top deck is much the same as the second deck with the added attraction of a great swinging chandelier that reaches down to the deck below. the whole thing is in a nice purple colour which is quite hard to find.

The three sections of the bus (the chandelier is propping up
the roof piece.) 

All the pieces are present, as are the box and instructions. As usual the instructions are a bit curved but I will flatten them out before sending it to it's new home. The only damage on the box is at the open end with the usual things that happen when you open it!I post anywhere in the world, but outside the UK I now always include insurance because of things going missing.
If you're thinking of bidding, good luck and I hope you get a bargain....but not TOO much of a bargain...

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