Friday, 2 November 2012

Alien Conquest and Pharaoh's Quest for eBay

Right, I've finally managed to dig out a couple more sets to put up for auction on eBay. This time I'm selling set 7050 'Alien Defender' and 7306 'Golden Staff Guardians' both from 2011.

7050 has 105 pieces and two minifigures with a rugged 4x4 vehicle equipped with missiles and a tiny alien flying thingy. Being a small set there's nothing really there to git it a 'wow' factor but the figs are cool enough. There's quite a lot of firepower on show so if you're a weapons fan you'll like this one.

7050 - Alien Defender

The 4x4 fighting vehicle
The alien on his flying wotsit. Reminds me of a hamster I used to own, except he didn't have fangs halfway up his face...

7306 has 70 pieces and three minifigs. With two Pharaoh mummys and an adventurer on a very cool bike it's a good little set despite the lower piece-count to 7050. Each mummy comes equipped with a curved sword and a beetle shield. (That's a shield in the shape of a beetle, not a shield that will keep the beetles away from them...) The bike is my favorite part of this set. It's a good looking machine and comes well loaded with equipment. The box makes it look like the front headlights light up - they don't! There is a sticker on the bottom of the box covering the original bar code.

7306 - Golden Staff Guardians

The armed nasties.

One of Lego's best ever bikes, fully equipped!

I'll be listing these on Saturday or Sunday for 7 days and will post worldwide. Due to stuff going missing outside the UK I am now going to add insurance to all items sent abroad. I know this means the postage rates are going to be higher but I'd rather know the parcel is going to arrive than have to compensate people and not have the set, I lose all round. 

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