Thursday, 8 November 2012

30017 and 30152 micro reviews

Just a few lines to give my thoughts on two small sets that were recently on promotion in the UK. I'm a City collector so these two were welcome additions to the promotion, and while I did pick up other promotional packs, they will probably be sold on at a later date.

First off is 30017 'Police Boat'. The set contains 35 pieces including one minifigure. The boat is really nothing special at all. It uses standard pieces in standard colours. This is pretty much the same as a dozen other small boats but I suppose for the piece count there's not a lot extra that could be done. The figure is one of the forest police officers and has the new life-jacket that came out this year, which is probably the best bit of it all! In my opinion this is for completists only.

30017 Police Boat

Next is '30152 Mining Quad'. 40 pieces and a lot more playability than the boat! You get a small, simple quad vehicle, a miner minifigure (not a happy look on his face, he must be working too hard!),a drill, some dynamite and a couple of warning cones. Again nothing special but this is the best of the two and a welcome addition to the mining sets already out. 

30152 Mining Quad
These sets weren't exactly free, but for 50 pence (British money!) for the newspaper you get a price (depending on the set) of around 1.25 pence per piece. Now that's a bargain!

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