Friday, 5 October 2012

Early October update.

Since I've got a distinct lack of anything happening in my life Lego-wise I'm forcing myself to build up older sets that I haven't (up until now) opened. So I'll build and review set 7848 Toys R Us city truck from 2010. This set is still in plentiful supply in Toys R Us stores (at least in the UK) and is probably one of the most widespread promotional sets ever made. It is identical to set 3221 Lego city truck but with different colours and, of course, the mini Toys R Us store with different minifigures.

7848 brand new in unopened box....but not for long.

Next for eBay will be two more Series 1 minifigures. This time it will be the turn of the Nurse and the Deep Sea Diver. As usual I'll post some links to the listings once they're active. No packets or leaflets but both are in excellent condition, having been displayed and not played with.

Series 1 Nurse

Series 1 Deep Sea Diver.

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