Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Alien Conquest and Atlantis for eBay

I will be putting a couple of small sets on eBay, probably on Saturday. The first is Alien Conquest set 7049 - 'Alien Striker'. 42 pieces including two minifigures. There is a little alien flying thing with a cool looking green-skinned alien on board and an earth defence figure with a double-barrel gun.  The second set is Atlantis 7976 - 'Ocean Speeder' which has 54 pieces and one minifigure. 
   Both these sets are still available with a recommended price tag of 3.99 GBP or US$4.99 each. Both sets have obviously been built and are 100% complete and in excellent condition. The only damage on the boxes is on the open end. I will post some links when they are on eBay.

Atlantis 7976 - Ocean Speeder

Alien Conquest 7049 - Alien Striker

If I can dig out a couple more series 1 minifigures I will put them on too. I better get searching...

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