Wednesday, 10 October 2012

7848 Toys 'R Us city truck mini review

Okay I know this set is a couple of years old and it's probably a bit late to do a review of it but I've only just opened  the box and built it, so here's the review!

Firstly the set is similar to city set 3221 - City Truck. As far as I can see it is identical except for the colours and stickers. Obviously the main difference between the sets is the Toys 'R' Us store and two different minifigures. 

The truck is a straightforward build, nothing too complicated, with the cab built first then the trailer. There's a bed in the back of the cab and a TV/computer screen for those long distances between Toys 'R Us stores! The designers didn't have to think too hard about this, they just had to incorporate the store colours. Still, it's a good looking vehicle and scale-wise isn't too far off how a truck should be. 

The most interesting item in this set is the store. Again it's not a challenging build but the finished product has a lot of nice features. There are some cute glass shelving in the store on which sits the miniature Lego sets.  There is a barrel of toy weapons, a toy bear and on the far wall there's a tiny racing car and an excellently made hovercraft. These pretty much fill the shop but I think there was still enough room for a football or a skateboard or bicycle. A larger store with more toys in would have made this a much more attractive set. 

The truck driver is the same in both this set and 3221, but this has the added bonus of a store employee and a kid, though neither is anything special.

This set is still available in Toys 'R Us for 35 GBP. With 356 pieces this gives a price per piece value of 9.83 pence which is actually cheaper per piece than 3221. Not bad going for a promotional set!

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