Wednesday, 24 October 2012

664 Double Tanker mini review

I don't normally review the older sets but it gives me something to write about!

Produced in 1971, the double tanker contained 61 pieces and according to Brickset it retailed for 55 pence (British money!) which is less than a penny per piece. Contrast that to any new set and you get a good idea of the value for money you got in the early 1970's!
   Of course there were no minifigs around in those days so there's not as much playability as there would have been. The build is pretty straightforward, the fiddliest part is the 'pipe' between the two tanks. Maybe because this is an old set and some of the bricks don't stick brilliantly well any more but it kept falling to bits as I was placing it in position. There are 6 printed bricks (no stickers here!!) Four 2x1 blue bricks with LEGO in white and two 4x1 blue bricks, one with 'Legoland'  in black and the other with a chrome car grille and headlamps. Some of the white pieces are suffering from coloring, they've been in the sun a bit too much over the years!
   The trailer and cab base articulate thanks to the cab's 8x4 base having what Peeron called a 'helicopter rotor holder' and the trailer base has a hole to fit. These are pieces that I hadn't seen before so it was nice to get them even though they're probably not ''rare'.
   One thing you notice about the older instruction sheets is they tend to cram the build into a lot less steps. These days this model would probably take somewhere between 15 and twenty steps to complete. The 1970's instruction manage it in 5! Step 1 alone has 17 pieces attached. 
   Obviously there's nowhere near the detail that today's sets have, but in it's time it was the cutting edge of Lego and one I never managed to get as a kid so I'm really pleased I've finally got it.
   One final note, the completed model fits very snugly into it's box without having to dismantle any of it and there's no excess packaging taking up too much space in my collection. Something Lego would do well to think about in these days of reducing waste....

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