Wednesday, 24 October 2012

664 Double Tanker mini review

I don't normally review the older sets but it gives me something to write about!

Produced in 1971, the double tanker contained 61 pieces and according to Brickset it retailed for 55 pence (British money!) which is less than a penny per piece. Contrast that to any new set and you get a good idea of the value for money you got in the early 1970's!
   Of course there were no minifigs around in those days so there's not as much playability as there would have been. The build is pretty straightforward, the fiddliest part is the 'pipe' between the two tanks. Maybe because this is an old set and some of the bricks don't stick brilliantly well any more but it kept falling to bits as I was placing it in position. There are 6 printed bricks (no stickers here!!) Four 2x1 blue bricks with LEGO in white and two 4x1 blue bricks, one with 'Legoland'  in black and the other with a chrome car grille and headlamps. Some of the white pieces are suffering from coloring, they've been in the sun a bit too much over the years!
   The trailer and cab base articulate thanks to the cab's 8x4 base having what Peeron called a 'helicopter rotor holder' and the trailer base has a hole to fit. These are pieces that I hadn't seen before so it was nice to get them even though they're probably not ''rare'.
   One thing you notice about the older instruction sheets is they tend to cram the build into a lot less steps. These days this model would probably take somewhere between 15 and twenty steps to complete. The 1970's instruction manage it in 5! Step 1 alone has 17 pieces attached. 
   Obviously there's nowhere near the detail that today's sets have, but in it's time it was the cutting edge of Lego and one I never managed to get as a kid so I'm really pleased I've finally got it.
   One final note, the completed model fits very snugly into it's box without having to dismantle any of it and there's no excess packaging taking up too much space in my collection. Something Lego would do well to think about in these days of reducing waste....

Sunday, 21 October 2012

eBay links, lost packages and new sets!

Okay, the Atlantis and Alien Conquest sets have just gone live on eBay and you can see the listings here for Atlantis and here for Alien Conquest.
   I haven't had time to put any more Series 1 minifigures on yet, maybe during the coming week. There's been one minifigure I sold that I posted to France but it seems it hasn't arrived. I may have to put insurance on sets sent outside the UK to help ensure they do turn up but of course that means higher postage costs. As it is, I will have to refund the buyer and lose out all round on this one. Annoying!
   I won a vintage Lego set on eBay late last week and I'll hopefully do a mini review for it within the next few days. 
   Lots of images of next years sets coming online now. I'll be buying all the City stuff as usual. Brickset has got the City stuff, Star Wars, Creator and most of the other themes' pictures loaded up. Well worth a look!

Friday, 19 October 2012

How much???!!!

I've been keeping an eye on 3 Lego sets on eBay UK that finished today. The sets were: 6881, 897 and 6691. All of these sets were still mint in unopened boxes, and considering the newest one was 28 years old, that's pretty good going! I know unopened sets go for a premium but I was astounded at the prices they fetched. The saying goes that something is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it. At these prices I'm never going to open a Lego set again!!!

First, the 3 sets that were on offer:

6681 - 'Lunar Rocket Launcher' from 1984

897 - 'Mobile Rocket launcher' from 1979

6691 - 'Red Cross Helicopter' from 1981

And now their final auction values:

                GBP          Euros          US$            AU$           Rubles         Yen
6881 - - - 57.00 - - -  70.05 - - -  91.23 - - -  88.34 - - - 2821.2 - - -  7,232.5
897- - - - 129.00 - - -158.54 - - - 206.48 - - -199.94- - - 6385.0 - - -16,366.8
6691 - - - 191.00 - - -234.72 - - - 305.71 - - -296.03 - - -9453.8- - - 24,233.0

In anybody's currency that's a LOT!

One of the annoying things for me is that I owned both 897 and 6691, and when I entered my 'Dark Ages' I got rid of them both! Aaaaarrrgghh!!!!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Alien Conquest and Atlantis for eBay

I will be putting a couple of small sets on eBay, probably on Saturday. The first is Alien Conquest set 7049 - 'Alien Striker'. 42 pieces including two minifigures. There is a little alien flying thing with a cool looking green-skinned alien on board and an earth defence figure with a double-barrel gun.  The second set is Atlantis 7976 - 'Ocean Speeder' which has 54 pieces and one minifigure. 
   Both these sets are still available with a recommended price tag of 3.99 GBP or US$4.99 each. Both sets have obviously been built and are 100% complete and in excellent condition. The only damage on the boxes is on the open end. I will post some links when they are on eBay.

Atlantis 7976 - Ocean Speeder

Alien Conquest 7049 - Alien Striker

If I can dig out a couple more series 1 minifigures I will put them on too. I better get searching...

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Halloween set 40020

Just gone live on eBay for 7 days is Lego Halloween set 40020. Brand new from 2011, never been opened.
   The set comprises of a black bat, a white ghost and an orange pumpkin. This is a Lego 'exclusive' set which means you generally can't find it in the high street shops. I believe this is still available from Lego, but my start bid is a lot lower than the purchase price! As usual I'll post to anywhere in the world.
   You can see the listing here!  If you're bidding, good luck!

Lego's spooky Halloween set 40020

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

7848 Toys 'R Us city truck mini review

Okay I know this set is a couple of years old and it's probably a bit late to do a review of it but I've only just opened  the box and built it, so here's the review!

Firstly the set is similar to city set 3221 - City Truck. As far as I can see it is identical except for the colours and stickers. Obviously the main difference between the sets is the Toys 'R' Us store and two different minifigures. 

The truck is a straightforward build, nothing too complicated, with the cab built first then the trailer. There's a bed in the back of the cab and a TV/computer screen for those long distances between Toys 'R Us stores! The designers didn't have to think too hard about this, they just had to incorporate the store colours. Still, it's a good looking vehicle and scale-wise isn't too far off how a truck should be. 

The most interesting item in this set is the store. Again it's not a challenging build but the finished product has a lot of nice features. There are some cute glass shelving in the store on which sits the miniature Lego sets.  There is a barrel of toy weapons, a toy bear and on the far wall there's a tiny racing car and an excellently made hovercraft. These pretty much fill the shop but I think there was still enough room for a football or a skateboard or bicycle. A larger store with more toys in would have made this a much more attractive set. 

The truck driver is the same in both this set and 3221, but this has the added bonus of a store employee and a kid, though neither is anything special.

This set is still available in Toys 'R Us for 35 GBP. With 356 pieces this gives a price per piece value of 9.83 pence which is actually cheaper per piece than 3221. Not bad going for a promotional set!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

eBay links for October 7th

Okay I have now listed the minifigures and they can be found here for the Nurse and here for the Deep Sea Diver. For some reason I deleted the first picture I took of the diver so I had to take another one in less than ideal light, that's why they look so different! I will keep a track of the price they sell for and when I've sold all my Series 1 figures I'll make a table to show how popular or otherwise each minifig is. (I've already had a surprise this week!).
Hopefully a review of 7848 Toys R Us truck will follow tomorrow.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Early October update.

Since I've got a distinct lack of anything happening in my life Lego-wise I'm forcing myself to build up older sets that I haven't (up until now) opened. So I'll build and review set 7848 Toys R Us city truck from 2010. This set is still in plentiful supply in Toys R Us stores (at least in the UK) and is probably one of the most widespread promotional sets ever made. It is identical to set 3221 Lego city truck but with different colours and, of course, the mini Toys R Us store with different minifigures.

7848 brand new in unopened box....but not for long.

Next for eBay will be two more Series 1 minifigures. This time it will be the turn of the Nurse and the Deep Sea Diver. As usual I'll post some links to the listings once they're active. No packets or leaflets but both are in excellent condition, having been displayed and not played with.

Series 1 Nurse

Series 1 Deep Sea Diver.