Thursday, 27 September 2012

Series 1 minifigures

Heck, I've just gone a week without posting anything, mainly due to the fact I've had nothing of importance to  put here Lego-wise. Hopefully that will change in a couple of weeks. I must be due a Lego set by then!!!
Anyway, in the meantime I will be putting a couple of series 1 collectible minifigures on eBay on either Saturday or Sunday. I have the whole of series 1 and will be putting a couple on each week until they're gone. My best sale so far has been the Spartan Warrior which sold for 7.72 GBP (around 12.53 US$, 9.70 Euros, 11.99 AU$ or 388.12 Rubles.) Both are in excellent condition but I no longer have the original packaging. As usual I ship anywhere in the world.
Demolition Dummy


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