Friday, 7 September 2012

My next little ebay bundle!

As promised, a few more pictures of the items I'll be putting on eBay over the weekend.
First off, a few more pictures of Prince of Persia 7573 Battle of Alamut.

The main problem here is that three of the green plants have had a leaf snap off. I think it was the way I stored the pieces after I built it the first time I had it. It doesn't really affect the look or playability of the set but it's worth mentioning. Otherwise the pieces are in great condition. The instructions are now flattening out nicely. Just in case you never wanted to know, I flatten them out using two editions of the Lego Collector book and a copy of the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide. Together they add up to a good weight!
There is also a tear on the end of the box. I think it was a store sticker that I decided I didn't want on there. There is also an original price sticker on the end.

Below are the three minifigures I'll also be listing. All in excellent condition but none have the original packets or leaflets. By the way, sorry about the quality of the photos, I took them under artificial light and I don't know enough about my camera to compensate for it! When the items are listed on eBay I should have some nicer, clearer pictures, I hope! I'll also post a link to the listing when it's live.

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