Wednesday, 12 September 2012

7597 Toy Story 3: Western Train Chase

My next eBay offering will be the last Toy Story set I have, I think...
   The Western Train Chase is actually a nice set. 584 pieces with 6 minifigures. Well, 6 isn't strictly true, one's a pig, one's a horse and a third is a dinosaur. (Hamm, Bullseye and Rex). The pig ('Evil Dr. Porkchop') is a unique figure for this set, the piggy appearances in other sets are slightly different. Along with the animals you have Woody, Jessie and Buzz Lightyear.
   The steam train is a very nice representation of a wild west era locomotive when you consider that this toy is based on a cartoon of a toy of a train. All the wagons join together by magnets and can be used on the standard Lego railway track. All have opening end or side doors and the goods wagon has a trap door on the roof for the bad guys to get the loot. My favorite wagon has got to be the caboose, (or guard's van as we say in the UK!), small but detailed, it just kinda looks 'right'.
   The box has a couple of long but shallow creases down the front and the usual damage you get from opening it, otherwise it's fine. The instructions are (as usual) a bit bent up but I should be able to flatten them acceptably before shipping to the winning bidder. I need to do a thorough breakdown of the parts to ensure it is 100% complete, but it has only been built once and stored away so there's not much chance anything is missing. Any problems with it will be highlighted in my listing which will go live probably on Sunday sometime. Start price will be 99 pence and as usual I will ship anywhere in the world. I'll post a link from my blog to the listing once it's active.

The whole train.

The red caboose is my favorite wagon!

The characters including the unique 'Evil Dr. Porkchop'

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