Saturday, 29 September 2012

Minifigure eBay links.

As promised, here are the links to my eBay listings which went active today. Demolition Dummy and Skater.
I'm going to keep track of the final sale price of all the series 1 minifigs and see which ones are the most sought after and which are the ones nobody is interested in. I will list two or three more next weekend and so on until the lot are gone, then I won't have much more Lego (if any) left to sell.
Heck! Within a few minutes of listing them, they are both selling already! If you're interested, get bidding!!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Series 1 minifigures

Heck, I've just gone a week without posting anything, mainly due to the fact I've had nothing of importance to  put here Lego-wise. Hopefully that will change in a couple of weeks. I must be due a Lego set by then!!!
Anyway, in the meantime I will be putting a couple of series 1 collectible minifigures on eBay on either Saturday or Sunday. I have the whole of series 1 and will be putting a couple on each week until they're gone. My best sale so far has been the Spartan Warrior which sold for 7.72 GBP (around 12.53 US$, 9.70 Euros, 11.99 AU$ or 388.12 Rubles.) Both are in excellent condition but I no longer have the original packaging. As usual I ship anywhere in the world.
Demolition Dummy


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Lego Promo sets

My next batch of Lego for auction on eBay will be a small pile of promotional packs. They will be listed on Sunday 23rd September for 7 days. They will be listed individually but I will give a discount on postage if one buyer wins multiple sets. All the packets are still sealed and are being sold as 'new'.

Pharaoh's Quest sets 30090 - 'Desert Glider' and 30091 - 'Desert Rover'

Ninjago sets 30080 - 'Ninja Glider', 30081 - 'Skeleton Chopper' and
30083 - 'Dragon Fight'

Pirates of the Caribbean set 30131 - 'Jack Sparrow's Boat' and
Star Wars set 30055 - 'Vulture Droid'

Monday, 17 September 2012

eBay statistics on set 7573

I've trawled through a load of eBay sites around the world to see how well The Battle of Alamut sells. 
First off I separated the new, unopened sets and the 'built but complete' sets and disregarded any with bits missing or without boxes. The results, below show a wide variation between continents. There were no 'as new' sets sold in the UK recently whereas Australia ONLY has new ones, so the results aren't as complete as I would have liked. The values are an average of all sets sold.

UK - used - GBP = 32.93 (which equals $53.47 or E40.76)

US - used - $ =40.81 (which equals GBP25.13 or E31.11)
       - new -  $ = 56.97 (which equals E43.43 or AU$54.11)

Europe - used - Euros = 49.17  (which equals GBP39.72 or $64.50)
              - new -  Euros = 85.07  (which equals $111.58 or AU$106.00)

Australia - new - AU$ = 96.10 (which equals $101.15 or E77.11)

If you can work out my mess of calculations it shows that the USA is by far the cheapest (as probably most people suspected anyway!), with mainland Europe the most expensive. Sadly I couldn't make a direct comparison between Australia and the UK. 

I shall try a Star wars set next time as they are far more popular than Prince of Persia and I should get many more results.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

eBay update.

Lego Toy Story 3 set 7597 Western Train Chase is now live on eBay and can be found here!
Extra information on the set I'm selling can be found on the previous post.

I've been doing a bit of research on my last Lego set sold on eBay to see how much the set was going for in different countries around the world. I've just got to collate the information and hopefully I can give out the results tomorrow, they make interesting reading (if you like that sort of thing!)

There will be a few small sets on sale next week, all from 2011, and probably a couple of minifigures.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

7597 Toy Story 3: Western Train Chase

My next eBay offering will be the last Toy Story set I have, I think...
   The Western Train Chase is actually a nice set. 584 pieces with 6 minifigures. Well, 6 isn't strictly true, one's a pig, one's a horse and a third is a dinosaur. (Hamm, Bullseye and Rex). The pig ('Evil Dr. Porkchop') is a unique figure for this set, the piggy appearances in other sets are slightly different. Along with the animals you have Woody, Jessie and Buzz Lightyear.
   The steam train is a very nice representation of a wild west era locomotive when you consider that this toy is based on a cartoon of a toy of a train. All the wagons join together by magnets and can be used on the standard Lego railway track. All have opening end or side doors and the goods wagon has a trap door on the roof for the bad guys to get the loot. My favorite wagon has got to be the caboose, (or guard's van as we say in the UK!), small but detailed, it just kinda looks 'right'.
   The box has a couple of long but shallow creases down the front and the usual damage you get from opening it, otherwise it's fine. The instructions are (as usual) a bit bent up but I should be able to flatten them acceptably before shipping to the winning bidder. I need to do a thorough breakdown of the parts to ensure it is 100% complete, but it has only been built once and stored away so there's not much chance anything is missing. Any problems with it will be highlighted in my listing which will go live probably on Sunday sometime. Start price will be 99 pence and as usual I will ship anywhere in the world. I'll post a link from my blog to the listing once it's active.

The whole train.

The red caboose is my favorite wagon!

The characters including the unique 'Evil Dr. Porkchop'

Sunday, 9 September 2012

eBay links for 7573 Battle of Alamut.

Okay, the Prince of Persia set is now live on eBay and can be found at: My eBay Listing.
Below is a picture of the damage to three of the plants, (sadly all my own fault!)
Broken on the left (obviously!) and as it should be on the right.

I have also listed the three Series 2 minifigures with much better pictures than I had on here yesterday! The links are: VampirePharaoh and Spartan Warrior.

As usual, I'll post anywhere in the world and always start my auctions with a low price. If you decide to bid, good luck!

Friday, 7 September 2012

My next little ebay bundle!

As promised, a few more pictures of the items I'll be putting on eBay over the weekend.
First off, a few more pictures of Prince of Persia 7573 Battle of Alamut.

The main problem here is that three of the green plants have had a leaf snap off. I think it was the way I stored the pieces after I built it the first time I had it. It doesn't really affect the look or playability of the set but it's worth mentioning. Otherwise the pieces are in great condition. The instructions are now flattening out nicely. Just in case you never wanted to know, I flatten them out using two editions of the Lego Collector book and a copy of the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide. Together they add up to a good weight!
There is also a tear on the end of the box. I think it was a store sticker that I decided I didn't want on there. There is also an original price sticker on the end.

Below are the three minifigures I'll also be listing. All in excellent condition but none have the original packets or leaflets. By the way, sorry about the quality of the photos, I took them under artificial light and I don't know enough about my camera to compensate for it! When the items are listed on eBay I should have some nicer, clearer pictures, I hope! I'll also post a link to the listing when it's live.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Prince of Persia 7573 'Battle of Alamut'

Next set on eBay will be 7573. I was originally intending to put on a Star Wars set until I found I'd pretty much sold them all! I should be listing it on Sunday 9th sometime. I'll add more pictures tomorrow after I have reconstructed it and made sure it's 100% complete. As usual the instructions have got a bit bent but I'll try my old trick of flattening them again.
I'm also going to list some Series 2 minifigures, the Pharaoh, vampire and Spartan warrior. Again, more pictures tomorrow.

Battle of Alamut

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Atlantis now on eBay.

My Lego Atlantis set 8075 Neptune Carrier is now on eBay. You can find it at my eBay listing. 
If you're interested, it's only on auction for 5 days and I'll post anywhere in the world. The instructions are flattening out nicely and should be in near perfect condition when the buyer gets them! I will be listing another set next week, possibly a Star Wars one, if I can dig it out of my attic! I might put on a couple of series 2 Minifigures as well. More info later into the week.