Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Lego Toy Story set 7594 for eBay

Now my holidays are over (boooo!) it's time to start putting some Lego on eBay. The latest offering is Toy Story set 7594 'Woody's Roundup' from 2010. As usual it is 100% complete with original box and instructions. It includes some of the main characters from Toy Story 2 with a Sheriff's office with a safe, a jail and a mine. Obviously all stickers have been applied to the model.
Bullseye is a great piece with movable legs (front two together and back two.) Stinky Pete has "kids legs", the ones you can't move, to make him shorter while Woody and Jessie have extended legs to give them some height. My only niggle with this set was that you couldn't remove the characters hats from their heads (or for that matter, the saddle from Bullseye.)
I know this type of set doesn't appeal to everyone but the colours and pieces could make for some useful MOC parts. It uses five different brownish colours, from tan to dark brown, some of which you're hard put to find in good amounts in general use.
There is some damage to the box, the usual open end damage and a patch on the side of the box where a sticker has been torn off, taking off the printed layer of card. There is also a bar code sticker over the original one next to the torn bit. The instructions are a bit wavy but I'm putting them under some weight to hopefully flatten them out by the time I come to post the set.
The listing will start on Saturday sometime between 7:00 to 8:00 pm GMT, last for 7 days with a start price of 99 pence (as usual). And as usual I will ship worldwide.

Woody's Roundup

The torn patch and sticker

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