Monday, 27 August 2012

Lego Creator 7346 Beach House mini review

After over a week I've finally got to build the beach house!
415 pieces with one minifigure. It's not a difficult build, even though the instructions say the one of three different builds I have completed is the 'advanced' one. At a strolling pace this can be completed easily within an hour. I haven't tried the other two models, but they are apparently easier.
The first part of the build is the palm/coconut tree and bird. I like the use of standard parts to make the shape of the tree, I haven't seen that before. The make up of the bird is pretty much standard now but it still looks good.
The building itself is straightforward enough with most of one side of the roof opening for access to the (bare) interior. The balcony is quite large and sturdy and is accessed from the top floor by two opening doors, a nice touch as is the rather large sandcastle on the beach. At the side of the house is an outdoor shower. It took me a while to figure out what this was going to be as I was building it. I hadn't seen any pictures of this anywhere but once it's complete it becomes pretty obvious!
The outside shower!
There is a nice contrast between the green / tan / blue baseboards for the grass / sand / sea, but I have to say the single wave heading for the shore looks a bit dodgy!
Extras include a life ring, surf board, small mobile barbecue, a crab and a fish (that usually ends up on the barbecue grill). The inside of the house is unfurnished which is a bit of a shame but then you could easily sacrifice the wave and sandcastle to make a few bits of furniture (albeit wet, sandy looking furniture!)
The pale blue color used for the house gives it the right 'beachy' feel with the red roof being a bit of a stark contrast.
There is a fair bit of play value from this, but the idea of Creator sets is to make as many different things as possible, and the other two building instructions give some other good ideas, though I'll probably not make them.
Overall, not the biggest and not the best from Creator, but it's still well worth the money just for the variety of things you can do with these pieces.
General view, with the dodgy wave!

The surfer dude.

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