Thursday, 30 August 2012

Lego Atlantis 8075 for eBay

My next offering for eBay will be Lego Atlantis set 8075 'Neptune carrier'. I will list it on Saturday 1st September for 5 days with a 99 pence start. This time I'll actually post a link to the eBay listing and one from the listing to the blog to make life a bit easier if anybody is interested. As you can see from the pictures below, the set has not been made up and is still sealed in it's packets. Everything is there including the Atlantis 3-D glasses which are also still sealed. The instructions are a bit creased but I will try to flatten them out before the set sells. The only problem is with the box. It's a bit creased and crumpled with a rip on one of the corners and has got tape around the open end (wasn't me, honest!) Apart from that it's as good as new.
As usual I'll ship to anywhere in the world.

8075 complete and unbuilt.

Close up of the 3-D glasses.

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