Friday, 10 August 2012

A bit of nostalgia.

On the run up to christmas 1978. Looking through a store catalogue for toys I saw something that made my eyes pop out....Lego had roads!!!!  I begged, pleaded and totally harassed my Mom to get me the road plates for christmas.  And she did. Along with the road plates came 8 other Lego sets and some trees and road signs all packaged in a store catalogue box. (I actually still have that box!) There was a poster with the box showing all the available sets for 1978. Wow! I was hooked. 
There were quite a few little people in these sets and they had movable arms and legs, but I didn't care about that, I had Lego roads! I had no idea at the time but these were the first sets with the now famous minifigure. Over the next couple of years I managed to get most of the original line up and didn't stop collecting until the late 1990's when money became a bit of an issue and the fact that Lego dumbed down their city sets and I lost interest. Happily that interest was reawakened a few years ago and I'm collecting again.
Sadly in my 'dark age' I sold off most of my collection (probably more than 200 city sets). I am kicking myself constantly for that! I'm just glad I kept hold of these early sets. The day I give them away will be the day they bury me!

300 & 301 - The road plates that started it all off.

The small sets that came with the road plates. I have all the original boxes and
they all still have their original instructions.

The biggest Lego set I owned (for nearly a year until I got 374 (Fire Station)

The leaflet/poster that came with the box.  1 GBP for a Lego set!! Those were the days!!!

Yes, I know I wrote on it! 

The poster in all it's glory, mixing the 1978 sets with the older stuff. This inspired me to collect enough Lego to make my own town. I ended up with so much of the stuff I had nowhere to set it all up!

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