Saturday, 18 August 2012

1978 to 1979

These final sets from 1978 are ones I've managed to buy from eBay. 377 was a good buy, coming with original box and instructions. Sadly the other two sets I purchased were without boxes, but did come with their instructions. The cost of these small sets with all their original stuff is horribly high, great for sellers, not so much for buyers!
Finally 1979. I only kept three sets from that year, happily all are buildings which would cost a small fortune to get complete now.
One day I will trawl through a few eBay sites and find the current selling prices for these sets, it would be interesting to find out how much 675 Snack Bar is going for now. Original UK price: 1.75 GBP

603 and 620. Sadly 620 (as can be seen) does not have it's
stickers. A seemingly common problem on the older sets.

After a wait of about 33 years I finally got the Shell
service station!!

The sets I'm REALLY glad I didn't sell off!! All a bit battered
but all complete!

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