Monday, 13 August 2012

1978 (part 2)

These are more of the sets from my 1978 collection. As you'll probably notice most still have their original price sticker on. (A testament to my early days of not throwing anything away!) A few of these sets were bought in 1978 but most were obtained in early 1979 even as the new sets for that year came out. At this time I had no idea that new sets came out every year and the new batch for '79 didn't seem to register very much with me. All that changed when the 1980's sets emerged!

600 to 606 were the smallest, most basic sets. Original prices
were between 63 and 73 pence! 622 to 626 were aound the 
1 GBP mark.

640 to 644 were from 1.25 to 1.65 GBP. The bigger sets were
around 1.75

I have no idea how much the fire station cost, but it was
the biggest set out at the time.

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