Thursday, 30 August 2012

Lego Atlantis 8075 for eBay

My next offering for eBay will be Lego Atlantis set 8075 'Neptune carrier'. I will list it on Saturday 1st September for 5 days with a 99 pence start. This time I'll actually post a link to the eBay listing and one from the listing to the blog to make life a bit easier if anybody is interested. As you can see from the pictures below, the set has not been made up and is still sealed in it's packets. Everything is there including the Atlantis 3-D glasses which are also still sealed. The instructions are a bit creased but I will try to flatten them out before the set sells. The only problem is with the box. It's a bit creased and crumpled with a rip on one of the corners and has got tape around the open end (wasn't me, honest!) Apart from that it's as good as new.
As usual I'll ship to anywhere in the world.

8075 complete and unbuilt.

Close up of the 3-D glasses.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Lego Creator 7346 Beach House mini review

After over a week I've finally got to build the beach house!
415 pieces with one minifigure. It's not a difficult build, even though the instructions say the one of three different builds I have completed is the 'advanced' one. At a strolling pace this can be completed easily within an hour. I haven't tried the other two models, but they are apparently easier.
The first part of the build is the palm/coconut tree and bird. I like the use of standard parts to make the shape of the tree, I haven't seen that before. The make up of the bird is pretty much standard now but it still looks good.
The building itself is straightforward enough with most of one side of the roof opening for access to the (bare) interior. The balcony is quite large and sturdy and is accessed from the top floor by two opening doors, a nice touch as is the rather large sandcastle on the beach. At the side of the house is an outdoor shower. It took me a while to figure out what this was going to be as I was building it. I hadn't seen any pictures of this anywhere but once it's complete it becomes pretty obvious!
The outside shower!
There is a nice contrast between the green / tan / blue baseboards for the grass / sand / sea, but I have to say the single wave heading for the shore looks a bit dodgy!
Extras include a life ring, surf board, small mobile barbecue, a crab and a fish (that usually ends up on the barbecue grill). The inside of the house is unfurnished which is a bit of a shame but then you could easily sacrifice the wave and sandcastle to make a few bits of furniture (albeit wet, sandy looking furniture!)
The pale blue color used for the house gives it the right 'beachy' feel with the red roof being a bit of a stark contrast.
There is a fair bit of play value from this, but the idea of Creator sets is to make as many different things as possible, and the other two building instructions give some other good ideas, though I'll probably not make them.
Overall, not the biggest and not the best from Creator, but it's still well worth the money just for the variety of things you can do with these pieces.
General view, with the dodgy wave!

The surfer dude.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Small eBay update for August 26th

Just a quick note to say I've added two collectible minifigures to my eBay listings.
Both are from Series 2. 
Just another note to say my Toy Story set 7594 already has a bid and 10 watchers!!


Friday, 24 August 2012

Small early - mid 70's buy.

I recently acquired a small pile of incomplete sets from eBay. They were listed as a job lot and I won them for a very reasonable price. Non of them have boxes or instructions, but the just helps keep the price down.
They came ready assembled, but a look at showed a few errors, and just what was missing. All in all I think I got a bit of a bargain.

Top left - 684 (Low-loader with fork lift truck) from 1972, Mid left - 655 (Mobile hydraulic hoist) from 1973, Top right - 689 (Truck and shovel) from 1974, Middle right - 604 (Excavator) from 1971 and bottom left and right - 492 (Truck and payloader) from 1977.
As it turned out, two of the sets - 655 and 689 were complete and there was only one actual broken piece. I think it was worth it for the old rarer pieces included. 
I already had a boxed set of 604, but looking at the sets from 1971 I saw that 682 had an identical model, along with other stuff, so I can put my little digger toward that set.
I'm one of those (possibly weird) people who would rather get a sack of mixed Lego and spend weeks sorting through it to see what I could make up than get a load of complete sets knowing that there's no real surprises in store! If I could win one of those auctions on eBay for 150 kgs or 200 kgs of Lego I'd be in heaven, and I'd probably never go back to work!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Lego Toy Story set 7594 for eBay

Now my holidays are over (boooo!) it's time to start putting some Lego on eBay. The latest offering is Toy Story set 7594 'Woody's Roundup' from 2010. As usual it is 100% complete with original box and instructions. It includes some of the main characters from Toy Story 2 with a Sheriff's office with a safe, a jail and a mine. Obviously all stickers have been applied to the model.
Bullseye is a great piece with movable legs (front two together and back two.) Stinky Pete has "kids legs", the ones you can't move, to make him shorter while Woody and Jessie have extended legs to give them some height. My only niggle with this set was that you couldn't remove the characters hats from their heads (or for that matter, the saddle from Bullseye.)
I know this type of set doesn't appeal to everyone but the colours and pieces could make for some useful MOC parts. It uses five different brownish colours, from tan to dark brown, some of which you're hard put to find in good amounts in general use.
There is some damage to the box, the usual open end damage and a patch on the side of the box where a sticker has been torn off, taking off the printed layer of card. There is also a bar code sticker over the original one next to the torn bit. The instructions are a bit wavy but I'm putting them under some weight to hopefully flatten them out by the time I come to post the set.
The listing will start on Saturday sometime between 7:00 to 8:00 pm GMT, last for 7 days with a start price of 99 pence (as usual). And as usual I will ship worldwide.

Woody's Roundup

The torn patch and sticker

Monday, 20 August 2012

Back to normal.

I'm back from France! Beautiful weather but a distinct lack of Lego shops!!
The local Toys r Us where I was staying (near Rouen) only had the sets I had already got. Luckily there was a toy store not too far away called 'Picwic'. Huge shop with a large selection. If you ever see one, they're well worth a visit. I managed to buy one of the very few sets I need to complete my City collection, even though it's a Creator set! I'll post a mini review when I manage to build it. All I can do now is get the odd set or two from a Lego shop or online, or find older sets on the internet.

Creator set 7346  Beach House

Saturday, 18 August 2012

1978 to 1979

These final sets from 1978 are ones I've managed to buy from eBay. 377 was a good buy, coming with original box and instructions. Sadly the other two sets I purchased were without boxes, but did come with their instructions. The cost of these small sets with all their original stuff is horribly high, great for sellers, not so much for buyers!
Finally 1979. I only kept three sets from that year, happily all are buildings which would cost a small fortune to get complete now.
One day I will trawl through a few eBay sites and find the current selling prices for these sets, it would be interesting to find out how much 675 Snack Bar is going for now. Original UK price: 1.75 GBP

603 and 620. Sadly 620 (as can be seen) does not have it's
stickers. A seemingly common problem on the older sets.

After a wait of about 33 years I finally got the Shell
service station!!

The sets I'm REALLY glad I didn't sell off!! All a bit battered
but all complete!

Monday, 13 August 2012

1978 (part 2)

These are more of the sets from my 1978 collection. As you'll probably notice most still have their original price sticker on. (A testament to my early days of not throwing anything away!) A few of these sets were bought in 1978 but most were obtained in early 1979 even as the new sets for that year came out. At this time I had no idea that new sets came out every year and the new batch for '79 didn't seem to register very much with me. All that changed when the 1980's sets emerged!

600 to 606 were the smallest, most basic sets. Original prices
were between 63 and 73 pence! 622 to 626 were aound the 
1 GBP mark.

640 to 644 were from 1.25 to 1.65 GBP. The bigger sets were
around 1.75

I have no idea how much the fire station cost, but it was
the biggest set out at the time.

Friday, 10 August 2012

A bit of nostalgia.

On the run up to christmas 1978. Looking through a store catalogue for toys I saw something that made my eyes pop out....Lego had roads!!!!  I begged, pleaded and totally harassed my Mom to get me the road plates for christmas.  And she did. Along with the road plates came 8 other Lego sets and some trees and road signs all packaged in a store catalogue box. (I actually still have that box!) There was a poster with the box showing all the available sets for 1978. Wow! I was hooked. 
There were quite a few little people in these sets and they had movable arms and legs, but I didn't care about that, I had Lego roads! I had no idea at the time but these were the first sets with the now famous minifigure. Over the next couple of years I managed to get most of the original line up and didn't stop collecting until the late 1990's when money became a bit of an issue and the fact that Lego dumbed down their city sets and I lost interest. Happily that interest was reawakened a few years ago and I'm collecting again.
Sadly in my 'dark age' I sold off most of my collection (probably more than 200 city sets). I am kicking myself constantly for that! I'm just glad I kept hold of these early sets. The day I give them away will be the day they bury me!

300 & 301 - The road plates that started it all off.

The small sets that came with the road plates. I have all the original boxes and
they all still have their original instructions.

The biggest Lego set I owned (for nearly a year until I got 374 (Fire Station)

The leaflet/poster that came with the box.  1 GBP for a Lego set!! Those were the days!!!

Yes, I know I wrote on it! 

The poster in all it's glory, mixing the 1978 sets with the older stuff. This inspired me to collect enough Lego to make my own town. I ended up with so much of the stuff I had nowhere to set it all up!

Sunday, 5 August 2012


I had a slight technical glitch that deleted my blog from the net for a few hours today. (Actually it was me being a bit dim....) Normal service has now been resumed.

Had a trio of sales on eBay recently. All were 100% complete with box and instructions.

                                                                                    GBP        USD        Euros     Rubles
Star Wars 8087 TIE Defender - - - - - - - - - - - - 22.20 - - 34.68 - - 27.99 - - 1109.70
Harry Potter 4738 Hagrid's hut   - - - - - - - - - 29.80 - - 46.55 - - 37.57 - - 1489.60
Prince of Persia 7572 Quest Against Time -  16.75 - - 26.16 - - 21.12 - - 837.27

Three Minifig series 2 figures are now on eBay, all have bids and finish within a couple of days. (See earlier posts.)

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

August 1st 2012 eBay update.

Just a small update for my eBay listings. 

On Saturday August 4th I will be putting three Series 2 Minifigures for auction. The Life Guard, the Pop Star and the Skier. I will be taking a short vacation soon so I'm only putting these on for a 3-day lisitng just in case someone decides not to pay up very quickly. They'll have a start price of 49 pence and, as usual, I will post anywhere in the world. They are all in excellent condition but none of them have the original packaging or leaflets.