Sunday, 1 July 2012

Well, the Town Hall is very nearly done, my views on it tomorrow, probably.
7665 (missing piece goes somewhere inside)
I've also been building my Star Wars set 7665 Republic Cruiser to photograph and put for sale on ebay. Problem is now I've finished it I've found a piece missing. Darned annoying. I don't want to sell it as an incomplete set so I've either got to do a fingertip search of my attic or order another piece from Bricklink. I could well do with putting an order in to help build up some of my other partially built kits. I managed to do inventories for sets 7745 and 7817 from 1985 thanks to Peeron's lists. It's only when I do this I realize how many pieces I really need...Frightening!   

On a side note I've noticed the disagreeing figures between Peeron, Brickset and the Lego Collector Guide book on piece counts for certain sets. For instance, set 7745 (12v High Speed Train), Collector Guide says 737 pieces, Peeron 729 pieces and Brickset 736 pieces. Who to believe??

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