Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Upcoming set for ebay.

Well I've spent most of the last two days working, sleeping and inventorying! I've managed to plow through almost all of 1986, with only 3 sets left to do.

I've managed to dig out another set for ebay. This time it's an Atlantis set - 8060 - Typhoon Turbo Sub. These are quite common sets so I'm not hoping for megabucks here! As usual it comes with the box and instructions and is 100% complete. Everything is in excellent condition and will be starting at the usual auction price of 99 pence so somebody might be able to pick up a bargain! I've added a couple of photo's to show the different configurations of the sub. I'll probably list this Thursday evening (GMT) for a week. I'm also considering putting a couple of collectible minfigures from the Series 2 collection for auction, possibly the Explorer and Karate Master. I'll wait and see if I've got the energy or will to do it on Thursday!

8060 - Typhoon Turbo Sub

Travel mode
Attack mode

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