Friday, 6 July 2012

Okay, first off I'm putting my new Star Wars set 9490 Droid Escape on ebay tonight with a start bid of 99 pence. May the force be with the highest bidder.....

I'm in the process of sorting out an order from Bricklink and should be able to get the missing piece for the Republic Cruiser so hopefully soon that will be a complete set again.

Weetabix 'House 1'
Talking of ebay, I somehow managed to bid on, and win, two old sets from 1976. They're both Weetabix promotional sets and neither of them had an actual set number. The first 'House 1' is a charming little (emphasis on little!) two-storey building with tiny windows, a door the old minifigure can't fin through and a car she can't get in. Still I love it!

Weetabix 'Windmill'
Next is a windmill which was called 'Windmill' (!!) It's only when you have to build a horse that used old minifig legs as it's own legs and face that you realise how great we have it today with one-piece animals that actually look like the animal they represent! At least the minifigs can almost get through the door this time.
They're very basic but I think that's half the fun of them. The style of these sets is what I remember as a kid, though I never had these, I never even knew they existed till I saw them on Brickset. Hopefully I can catch up on a few more in the near future.

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